SAIL UNIVERSE CHOICE. Why we love Portopiccolo harbour in Italy

Designed and built to heal the wound inflicted on the territory from the excavation activities and to enhance the natural beauty of a unique corner of the Adriatic coast.


This is Portopiccolo di Sistiana, (near Trieste, Italy), a sea town and harbor that represents a landmark in terms of design (and more) for the Mediterranean. A true example of how to integrate modern residential facilities, accommodation and navigation in a fragile environment that requires the utmost respect as that of the sea.
This is why in Portopiccolo di Sistiana everything has been thought in a perspective of energy-saving and environmental protection by making a consistent appeal to renewable geothermic and solar energy .

A few minutes away from Trieste and a short hour away from Venice, Portopiccolo di Sistiana is the perfect place to discover the pleasure of living in a sustainable town with the service of a qualified resort. The project of the entire district is by Francesco Luparelli, with the contribution of Andreas Kipar for the environmental restoration and the landscape design while the interior design is handled by the architecture studio Papa & Partners.


The project envisions large residential unites (465 apartments and villas that range from 50 to 400 mq), parking lots that will be able to contain a total of 1220 cars and a harbor with 121 spaces for moorage that can accommodate vessels up to 24 meters long.

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