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  • Enrico Tettamanti

    Enrico Tettamanti has been sailing since he was a child, and during the last 20 years as a skipper, he has travelled more than 150.000 miles across every sea of the world. In 2002 he started his first project ‘Kamana’, extreme sailing accessible to all. The project has enabled him to sail to the most remote parts of the planet. Since then Kamana has become a synonym for exploration and expedition, of visiting places where only few go. Explorer by nature and profession, he is capable of bringing anyone with him on his adventures, in total safety. He is one of the few skippers in the world to have reached all the most important polar destinations, Antarctica, Greenland and Alaska. He is a great sportsman and always ready to share his passions with his guests.
  • John Jamieson

    Captain John Jamieson was a search and rescue skipper, ship driver, navigator, and master training specialist in the U.S. Coast Guard. He later directed the Seamanship and Chart Navigation departments for the Professional Mariner program at the Chapman School of Seamanship in Florida. He is the author of 'Seamanship Secrets' published by McGraw-Hill and has written 20 other eBooks on navigation, seamanship, and small boat handling. Visit his website at
  • Liz Gillooly

    Liz Gillooly is 25 years old girl. But most of all... she is a true sailor: Captain Liz. She has ridden horses in Spain, dolphins in Tortola and donkeys in Antigua. She cooked pancakes in 15ft seas, 700 miles offshore. She's the author of the blog "Moxie and epoxy".
  • Louis Derry

    Louis Derry is a marine DIY enthusiast and liveaboard with a passion for providing helpful and insightful articles for boaters and sailors alike. Starting his liveaboard life in the South Coast town of Brighton Louis now runs. Boat Renovation People (BRP) providing articles on boat restoration, renovation and building to help others wishing to do the same. Louis's passion is to show people that sailing and boating can be accessible to all and should never limited by the cost of maintenance.
  • Martina Orsini

    Born in 1986 and based in Milan, after graduating in Philosophy, I achieved a master degree in Visual Arts and started my career as a sailing photographer in 2012 during the Moth World Championship in Campione del Garda. Stemming from reportage, working for many magazines also as a writer (2010-2012) and travelling a lot . I started taking pictures with the analogical reflex and have explored the printing's world, working also in a fine arts print lab (2014). My parents gave me the passion for sailing when I was very young: as a keen sailor participating in this sport on many levels and different kinds of boats (laser, moth, windsurf) and as a sea-lover enjoying the spirit of this life.
  • Martina Tyrrell

    I’m Martina and my boat is Carina of Devon. I live aboard Carina with my husband and our two daughters. This blog is about our adventures aboard our boat, our observations of life, my (and sometimes Julian’s) thoughts about culture, nature, home schooling, parenting and life in general.
  • Nomad Ocean

    We are Doris, a freelance journalist, and T.A., a marine biologist. Together we created Nomad Ocean Project. From October 2017 until April 2018, we circumnavigate New Zealand in our 26 foot sailing boat Kahu. We embark on this journey with a dream: We want to connect with people, share stories and raise awareness for marine protection.
  • Random Chris

    Christopher Barr joined the Royal Air Force at 17 years old, kindling his addiction to travelling and adventure. In 2006 he started working at sea as a ROV Pilot Technician. Since then he has worked in various parts of the world including Greenland, Mexico, Tunisia, Russia and the Middle East, as well as the familiar North Sea where he has experienced 10 metre waves and hurricane-force winds. Chris loves sailing and has a YouTube channel, Random Chris, which aims to help and inspire others to lead a life less ordinary. He currently spends around half of each year at sea.
  • Riccardo Fracchia

    I’m Riccardo Fracchia, 28 years old, and since I was very young I have planned to sail around the world and have always, or at least since I remember, had a great passion for sailing, sailboats and well, all boats. When I was 8 years old, my father bought the Clovis ketch, a very special boat. In 2002, after 5 long years of great work, Clovis became a traveling home for him and a constant thought for me. In 2014, after my father had been captain for almost 20 years, the time came for him to make some hard decisions, and the future without a “generational passing down” would have meant for him and Clovis making a final stop at some port. At only 24 years old I had under my belt thousands of miles of navigating the sea. From 2014 to today, my girlfriend Marika, my great friend Luca and I have made enormous efforts and great sacrifice to give Clovis what she deserves. The efforts are then rewarded by intense summers of sailing and training, and sharing some of the work and all of the satisfaction with our partners. We are getting ready once again for our big departure!
  • Rick Bailey

    Since childhood I’ve been a sailing and boating enthusiast. I grew up in Florida and had the great blessing to live on lake-front property. It seems as though a great deal of my growing-up years were spent on or in the water. I swam, dove, skied, sailed, fished, skim-boarded, and played ten months a year. The other two months were a little too cool for being in the water, but I often fished then. My adult life arrived. Years of study, work, family and responsibility flowed by. Almost on a whim, I bought an 18 foot day sailor – and I was hooked. We’ve had several boats since then – including a ski boat when my boys were more interested in speed than going slowly. We now have a Watkins 27 coastal cruiser. We sailed her in Jacksonville, FL, then trucked her up to Maryland when I got stationed in Washington DC. We love sailing the Chesapeake, and we love time spent on the boat. I happen to like all the maintenance aspects of boat ownership as well, so owning an old boat fits me: lots to repair and maintain!
  • Sailing Britaly

    Chris, Rossella & Emma cruise an affordable 35 foot boat and make informative sailing videos for all you aspiring boat owners / fixers / cruisers out there!
  • Sailing Nandji

    I am Bonita the boss, Yosh is the Captain, Marley is the hound and Tallula is our beautiful new baby daughter. We have been living on our boat Nandji for nearly 5 years. We first departed Australia in July 2017 with big dreams of sailing offshore. We soon discovered this was the way of life we wanted and the further we sailed, the further we want to go!
  • Sailing Tranquillity Bay

    We're Scott and Kim -- a.k.a The Bourgeoisie Refugees. In a previous life we called ourselves an engineer and an advertising rep. Since 2005, however, we've been fleeing corporate oppression and pondering the meaning of escapism. We left everything behind to head out on a sailing adventure in search of a more connected and sustainable way of life.
  • Tuomo Meretniemi

    Tuomo, 43 has been sailing since teen years with all kinds of boats from dinghies to super yachts. His family of five from Finland has turned their dream; sailing around the world, into large scale education export program. Sail For Good Education is an ecosystem project with over 20 partner companies in education and technology. The start of the expedition is in June 2016 and return to Finland in 2022. Six year epic adventure.
  • When Sailing

    We are Greta and Michael, two travel addicts who decided that travel, not work should be at the center of their life. The idea became reality as we bought ForTuna, our 39ft Sailboat. Since then we daily sail to new places to explore the world in an environmentally friendly way and share the best stories with all of you.
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