Riccardo Fracchia

I’m Riccardo Fracchia, 28 years old, and since I was very young I have planned to sail around the world and have always, or at least since I remember, had a great passion for sailing, sailboats and well, all boats. When I was 8 years old, my father bought the Clovis ketch, a very special boat. In 2002, after 5 long years of great work, Clovis became a traveling home for him and a constant thought for me. In 2014, after my father had been captain for almost 20 years, the time came for him to make some hard decisions, and the future without a “generational passing down” would have meant for him and Clovis making a final stop at some port. At only 24 years old I had under my belt thousands of miles of navigating the sea. From 2014 to today, my girlfriend Marika, my great friend Luca and I have made enormous efforts and great sacrifice to give Clovis what she deserves. The efforts are then rewarded by intense summers of sailing and training, and sharing some of the work and all of the satisfaction with our partners. We are getting ready once again for our big departure!
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