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Clovis Chronicles ep. 2 “Sailing is also living the sea to embrace its nature”

For more than 20 years, Clovis has been our home, a job and a great love, but first of all it is a splendid 26mt one-off ketch, built in 1983 and made of three different types of aluminum: a true Ice Class.

The Clovis originates from ideals of ancient times, from the desire of the master carpenter Jean Pugliese, who brought it to life with great love and conscience, to stand out and last over time. A real challenge, costly and tiring, to create something that is capable of sailing to discover the whole world by hand: a solid, fast, self-sufficient boat, independent in all necessities, able to sail in any condition and at any latitude.

Over three long years, an team of 16 experts, among them architects the likes of Dominique Presles and Airbus engineers, worked with passion on the project for over 30,000 hours, following rigorous construction criteria and techniques, from the use of particular metals to complex procedures related to the aeronautical industry.

As Pugliese said in a valuable interview: “It is the first and most solid sailboat we have ever built, using very high quality alloys and materials, working with love and conscience. The Clovis is founded on three fundamental principles that make it indestructible: the safety of the hull, with a frame made of aluminum profiles and laminates, just like an aircraft, giving it strength and elasticity; the power of high and well supported pass-through trees that allow great veiling with their structural support on the hull; control by means of a large and rapid rudder and of a sturdy and deep trapezoid keel firmly welded to the hull. A boat is eternal when these three points are present”.

Hence this solid, fast and eternal boat can make the members of its crew true navigators, because sailing is not just regattas or a few weeks holiday on board… it is also living the sea to embrace its nature, to enjoy its elements and to live it 365 days a year.

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