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Clovis Chronicles ep. 3 “Four years around the globe to discover sea and… men”

Clovis Chronicles ep. 3 – The project is called “Men and Sea” and will demonstrate the relationship that has for a long time connected man to the sea, and that has since ancient civilizations represented strength and tranquillity.

We will live on the sea, the source of endless life and nourishment for the world, giving us the possibility to travel the globe, connecting cultures and continents with a boat as our vessel, granting us the possibility of feeling at home on the sea.

My mission is to travel around the globe from 2020 to 2024, experiencing and studying the marvels of our magical world, of its oceans and its men. We will document everything that the boat, our crew and our guests encounter and we will push ourselves to discover the most remote corners still unknown to most of the world.

It will be a 48 month long journey that will bring in close contact with new cultures, customs, cuisines and precious places that we will document with our photographers respectfully and truthfully.

It is a trip that will test those of us aboard and the boat itself, and we must be prepared and eager to face the discovery of the unknown. Writers, artists, and biologists that follow us throughout the journey will become travelers on a voyage in which they can also participate in the ups and downs, living aboard with us but in total safety.

We will collaborate with nautical equipment companies who will supply us with the most modern and reliable equipment available. With state of the art equipment, we will always be able to report to our companies and consumers in any condition, as well as communicate with journalists who can help us spread the idea far and wide that this journey is the greatest form of culture.

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