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Andreas Heide: “Sailing means freedom, challenge and adventure”

If you always dreamed to sail in the High North, there is someone who can realize it. Andreas Heide is from Norway and he is the captain of Barba, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 37m who has explored some of the coldest seas in the world. Andreas will launch a new expedition October 1st, and he’s looking for competent sailors to come onboard for this new adventure. We met him.

Andreas Heide, please tell us something about you.

Born and raised next to the ocean, which I have explored with an ever growing appetite and skillsets since early age. Background as diver and parachutist from the navy, marine biologist from the university and have worked with ocean related matters in numerous forms, including development aid and research.


The curiosity from childhood is still with me, and the appetite for adventure remains strong. For the past 8 years, I have been sailing under ever more challlenging conditions. As a platform for adventure, there is no tool like a sailboat. Virtually unlimited range, good space for gear, in addition to being a green non intrusive way to interact with nature.

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Which kind of boat is Barba?

She is a pimped Jeanneau Sun Fast 37. Originally designed for saling in the Med. Following 7 years of abuse as a charter vessel, she was set free in 2012, and has since undergone major upgrades and repairs. Most importantly, she is well maintained, and equipped with some of the best gear in the market. Doing what we do is all about trusting that the boat perform as expected when needed. More than the boat, vital for any expedition is to have a loyal and competent crew, and I am very grateful for all those that have taken part in the adventures so far.

Andreas at the helm, looking for whales in arctic Norway

Barba is a perfect platform for a wide range of activities and give you access to areas inaccessible by ordinary means of transport. How did you begin your life on board?

It started off with the boat home to Norway from the English Channel an early spring in 2009. In the beginning we had only a laptop with a USB antenna from eBay for navigation, basic sailing gear, and limited experience. Following countless miles, countless mistakes (although no injury to crew or any major damage to vessel so far) things have changed a bit since then.

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What were the most moving moments during your trips?

Most moving moments includes seeing the Greenland on the horizon for the first time, having left Iceland 5 days earlier. We reached a new continent, and felt like real explorers. This was back in 2010. In our line of business, it´s much about making dreams come true. I once dreamt of seeing polar bears, walrus, swimming with whales, fishing Arctic char and sailing to the pack ice of the Arctic. Having done all this and more with a sailboat without outside support, does bring some emotions to the surface. Fortunately, still many things remains to explore.

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You never dream of sailing in the Med or in the Caribbean?

As a holiday, it would be nice for a week or two. But the remoteness and the challenge of the high latitudes is far more appealing for now.

Our classic final question: what does it mean “sailing” for you?

A good combination of freedom, challenge and adventure.

If you need to know more about Andreas and Barba:
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Alessandro de Angelis

Alessandro de Angelis, born in 1978, discovered sailing working for several years for the renowned Breton sailing school Les Glénans. Once back in Italy, he joined Giornale della Vela, the most distinguished Italian sailing magazine, where he worked as correspondent and tester of sailing boats around the globe, becoming back in 2010 its chief editor. In the meanwhile its passion for sailing took him to participate to the most important international regattas onboard Platu 25, Swan 45 and classic boats. Since January 2017 he works as editor in chief for Sail Universe.
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