7 questions to discover the “sailing secrets” of the Maldives

Exclusive interview with Ahmed Zubair Adam

Today a new journey begins for Sail Universe, researching the most beautiful places in the world where to sail. A trip around the world, beginning in the Indian Ocean, in the splendid Maldivian archipelago. To discover all its secrets we met with Ahmed Zubair Adam, Blue Horizon‘s managing director. Blue Horizon is a charter company that guides since more than 20 years ago people from all the glove to discover the 1200+ islands that compose the Maldives. Discover the best way for “sailing Maldives”.

You have over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry: how has the charter world changed?

Yes, late Mr. Adam Moosa (retired Skipper and Captain) began the charter business in 1981 with a wooden 18 meter 3 cabin yacht local built dhoni and a single screw BMW engine. He started Blue Horizon in 1992 and now we run the business with 2 sailing catamarans and other motor yachts. Over the 20 years, the restrictions to visit atolls were removed and movement by tourists to islands has been eased. Foreigners can visit local islands, virgin islands, picnic islands and resort private hotels (with permission).

Why do passionates need to go sailing to the Maldives?

Passionate boater need to go sailing to the Maldives cause it is fresh air, not cold (warm ocean water) and there are 1200 islands and the archipelago’s 99% is sea. There are no pirates. Maldives is the size of UK but with clear warm water and garlands of 20 atolls which offers 1200 islands.

The azure sky and different shades of blue, warm water and lots of marine life. White crystal sandy beaches. Watching the sunsets and starry skies. Moonlit nights, fresh air after the sailing is what boaters would love.

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Sailing Maldive: what’s the best sailboat for sailing around the Archipel?

The most suitable sailboats for sailing around the archipelago are catamarans with the shallow drafts. We have 2 Leopard 38’s fitted with marine generators and water makers, customised for Maldives. These vessels can be taken with the crew (skipper and chef) or without the crew.

What are the challenges for a skipper when he sails Maldives?

The challenges for a skipper would include lack of marina facilities. Sometimes the channels have strong current and the skippers should be advanced sailors with these skills. Not all the GPS are accurate and hence line of sight is very important and dropping the anchors to 50 to 100 meters in the lagoon is part of works. Airport and Male’ area can be very busy and the genoa should not be used, so we go to airport with the yacht and receive you as you jump off from the plane! The Velanaa International airport in Maldives is a dedicated island only for airport services.

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What are the unmissable places where to sail? And the most beautiful anchorages?

Maldives is known for the underwater fauna and flora, the white sandy beaches, massages, warm climate and clear skies at night and during the day. So the unmissable places would be the snorkel or scuba dive in Vaavu atoll at sunset with sharks, the chef can prepare curries and Asian flavours, eating fresh fish, BBQ on the virgin / picnic island, night fishing, a massage or a dinner in a few resorts are options if you have a bigger budget. Who wouldn’t love the idea of going sailing and night fishing in the Maldives? If you make sure to bring a quality GPS system you’re going to have great success, even with the darkness of night, and spending some time before the trip on gear surfer can help you in your research to find the best equipment for the job.

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What’s the best holiday season?

The weather is changing so the best holiday season is changing too. Now weather is holding up from June to April. With changing weather patterns a short showers (rain for a few minutes) maybe expected in late May and January. We create different promotions during the year: just now we are doing a special one: book for 7 nights and pay for 6 nights until 31st August 2017.

Which kind of documents are needed to travel to Maldives?

To travel in Maldives one needs passport and if there should be 2 certified and skilled sailors with at least 1 having Skipper Licence and other being able to handle the boat during skippers absence.

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