A sailboat in pictures: the new Hanse 675

The time has come, the Hanse 675, the new flagship of the HanseYachts AG, is ready for the next Cannes Yachting Festival (September 6-11, France).

The Hanse 675 is the flagship of the Hanse range. The fully customizable interior can be configured to suit your specific requirements and dreams. Whether you are looking for a fully crewed boat with dedicated crew accommodation or additional space for family and friends, the 675 can be tailored accordingly.

The panoramic sunroof of the Hanse 675 is truly outstanding, allowing unparalleled levels of light into the saloon, the laminated glass complements the sleek deck lines of the 675 to a level never seen before. With the sunroof retracted the saloon truly feels at one with the outside.

Spacious deck layout with ample space in the cockpit and on the foredeck for sunbathing. A large dinghy garage will carry a 3.25 m jet tender.

The Hanse flagship offers up to three suits, each with its own bathroom, an excellent and highly modern kitchen in the loft-like saloon as well as an exceptional, exclusive crew cabin.

Here are a few of the key hallmarks of the Hanse 675 Sailing Yacht:

  • The Hanse 675 is able to transform wind into sailing speed with incredible efficiency
  • The rig is high which provides for a large sail area at the mast head. This also translates to more speed.
  • The steep stern and straight stem design provide a long waterline at any heeling angle for improved performance.
  • Hanse designers trimmed the sail and included an adjustable backstay. This enables the mast and profile of the sail to adapt to the wind at all times.
  • The 675 incorporates the Hanse ‘Easy Sailing’ concept which brings all lines to the helm. This allows for reefing, tacking, and setting sail all being performed at the helm with little effort.
  • The main deck is clean and a minimalist design. Halyards and sheets are hidden to maintain an open deck.
  • The Hanse Helmsman Control system allows the entire system to be managed right from the cockpit.

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