OSCAR Collision Avoidance System Now On Board Outremer Catamarans

Do you remember the OSCAR system? We talked about it, for the very first time, two years ago. During this period, the evolution continued…

With its artificial intelligence solution known as OSCAR, the BSB company is revolutionizing boating, making it possible to navigate the oceans day and night with complete peace of mind. The Outremer catamarans yard believes in this innovation and is now offering it as an option to its clients who enjoy bluewater sailing, whether close to home or circumnavigating the globe.

Secrets of OSCAR system

The OSCAR system is an innovative tool in the quest for detecting unidentified floating objects. Using thermal imaging cameras together with artificial intelligence capable of pinpointing, analyzing and alerting its crew to any potential surface danger and avoiding it, this technology is essential for any sailor keen to have peace of mind.

oscar system

OSCAR system is the equivalent of another pair of eyes aboard, albeit one that has 360° vision, never tires and can detect objects with the same precision day or night. Designed to detect danger, this insightful tool has more enhanced vision than a human eye and is able to send instantaneous automatic alerts to the various on-board screens (multifunction screen, tablet, smartphone and/or computer).

Since the launch of the system, OSCAR has been trialed by a series of renowned sailors in the Vendée Globe to collect data in extreme conditions prior to targeted development for cruising. Every OSCAR system around the globe now feeds the company’s databases to ensure the continuous optimization of the analysis and pertinence of this microcosm of technology.

The whole team is very proud to be able to rely on renowned yards like Outremer to roll out its OSCAR systems. Enabling owners to make the most of their boats in complete safety is our priority. Thank you to the Outremer yard for your trust in us. We’re delighted to play a part in taking boating to a whole new level alongside them”, says Raphaël Biancale, founder of the BSB Group, inventor of the OSCAR system.

The Oscar system can be viewed at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte, France (20 to 24 April 2022).

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