1. how do you get started in sailing a simple small sailboat what do you need to know and how to get training and how long to learn basics

    1. Where do you live? I learned to sail on a Laser( small single-person, “wet-bottom” single sail). Small boats are ideal for learning, although it’s possible to learn on larger boats, a small boat really teaches you a feel for the wind, current and other dynamics of sailing. Plus it’s really really fun. If you live anywhere near a place where people race boats, contact the club that conducts the races and volunteer to crew for any captain who will take you. I crewed for races on the Great Salt Lake while in graduate school. It’s free and a great way to learn by doing. And read everything you come across about sailing. There are many wonderful books of both fiction and nonfiction that capture the beauty of sailing. Two favorites are Josh Slocum, Around the World Alone, and Farley Mower, The Thousand Dollar Yacht. The latter of the two can be a challenge to find these days. Good luck, fair winds and following seas.

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