The 7 most Beautiful Bays in the Mediterranean Sea

Crystal-clear sea, vibrant colors, a summer vibe and a wow-factor landscape. When it comes to the countless beauties of the Mare Nostrum you’re spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a star player like Capri with its Faraglioni rocks, or the least known of the Aegean islands, throwing down the anchor is nothing short of pure emotion. Discover the 7 most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean Sea!

1. Faros Bay, Polyaigos

faros bay polyaigos

The fifth-century BC shipwreck that you can see on the sea bottom is just one of the many treasures housed in this beautiful and lonely Cycladic Island. Despite being very close to Milos and Kimolos, it is now uninhabited. Its uncontaminated habitat, where monk seals reproduce and it isn’t uncommon to spot a Caretta turtle, is part of the European Union’s Natura 2000 protection program.

2. Anse de Roccapina, Corse


Among the 7 most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean Sea, you can choose a small gem tucked in the fauna on the southwest coast in the Sartène area, it’s fringed with a half-moon of sand as fine as talcum powder and a crystal-clear sea. Framing it, are the unmissable Genovan tower and the Rocher du Lion, a high cliff on top of which you can see the outline of a lion’s head shaped by the wind.

3. Alimnia, Rhodes


Off the west coast of Rhodes and very close to Halki the desert islet of Alimnia, with its deep bay, is a magnificent natural harbor. It was an Italian military base and there are still some abandoned houses featuring wall paintings representing war ships and submarines. Surrounded by high mountains, the bay is wild and one of the most beautiful in the Dodecanese.

4. Cala Brigantina, Palmarola


Throwing down the anchor under the cliff edges of the most photogenic of the Pontine Islands is like experiencing one big technicolor show. Depending on the time of day and the light, the colors shift from white to gold of the cliff, from emerald to turquoise, to the cobalt of the sea. The most spectacular site is in the northern end, where the narrow crevices in the rock earned the nickname “Cathedral”, but the best place to anchor is the south.

5. Dos Mares, Formentera

dos mares 7 most beautiful bays

North of the smallest of the Balearic Islands, where a narrow strip of land stretches out to the islet of Espalmador, Formentera looks like the Caribbean. Its dazzling white sands and rocks create bright turquoise reflections in the water and, depending on the whims of the wind, you can choose between two beaches: the wilder and quieter Levante or the busier and trendier Ponente.

6. Marina Piccola, Capri

faraglioni_capri 7 most beautiful bays

Capri’s Faraglioni rocks have been seen, photographed, described, and even sung about. But they bring new emotions every time. The best place to enjoy the view is Marina Piccola, which is more intimate and less chaotic than its bigger sister. At sunset the more daring visitors can climb along the narrow hairpin turns of the famous Via Krupp up to The Gardens of Augustus. It offers an unparalleled view of the Faraglioni and the Marina.

7. Agia Anna, Amorgos

Amorgos-island-Agia-Anna 7 most beautiful bays

Coming in from the sea the white silhouette of the Horoviotissa monastery, nestled in on account of the steepness of the paper-thin, lime-painted rocky wall. The safest moorings can be found at the opposite end of this barren and windy island – one of the most fascinating in the Aegean Sea – but a stop in front of Agia Anna beach is a must, and the monks are very hospitable.

These are, in our opinion, the 7 most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean Sea. What do you say? What are your heart places?


  1. forget dos mares, formentera … how can it be beutiful with some hundreds boats and thousend of people there??
    and there are much more beutiful bays and places … but – i will not tell you 🙂

  2. Nice Places, but I also think like Adam that there are few more beautiful bays in the mediterranean sea.

    I would like to show you my best places from the Ionian Sea, where I was traveling the last few summers by my sailingboat. Here for example are one my best places from a small Island called Atipaxos…

    Would be great, if I can do also a blogpost in English for you…

    Greetings from Austria,

    1. Hi Markus, we love Antipaxos too! Sure this island will be in another of our articles! Stay tuned!

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