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Sailing Nandji Ep 128 – Let’s Make This Motor Work!

Sailing Nandji Ep 128: our new engine Fang is finished off. We finish of the drive system installation installing the PSS Shaft seal, align the engine and install the Sigma Drive.

The Sigma Drive in our eyes is a genious piece of engineering allowing and compensating for any alignment issues and protecting damage to our gearbox. We run our new 3 inch exhaust and this involves cutting a new hole in the sides of Nandji. There are 2 types of people that own boats…

Ones that drill holes in them and the ones that dont! Thank you to everyone who has watched our videos and contributed to our new engine. It is all because of you legends we have been able to install this brand new engine and re-power Nandji. With all this boat work being complete our vessel is becoming indestructible as we get her ready for our next big trip across the Indian Ocean.

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