Kiteboarding the South Pacific – Marc Jacobs drone action! VIDEO

Marc Jacobs spinning like a ninja in the South Pacific!!!

Kiwi Superman Marc Jacobs, 32, has a unique riding style that is ‘beast-mode’ aggressive, powerful, and yet beautifully composed.

Famed for ridiculously overpowered riding, throwing down monstrous mega loops and pushing the limits in Big Air and Freestyle, Marc also dominates the Cable Park.

Growing up in Tauranga, NZ, Marc convinced his Mum to help him buy his first kite at 15. “I feel like kiteboarding is a superpower… I only need a kite, and then I can fly!” 

He spends 2-3 hours a day, six days a week at the gym to keep himself fit and strong, believing you not only need balls, but you have to make sure your body can handle being pushed at such hard forces too.

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