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Protect Your Sailboat Hull with This Sentinel

Imagine that you need to tie up alongside a pier full of crusty, razor-sharp barnacles that cover the surface of the pilings. Or maybe you need to lie next to a stone or concrete seawall.

What little-known option will protect your hull, be a lot more effective than a line of fenders and provide peace-of-mind when cruising or sailing? Follow these easy sailing tips to protect your expensive sailboat from damage this sailing season!

Hang fenders in a vertical position when you need to tie up alongside a flush seawall or pier. Vertical fenders lose their effectiveness inside a slip. They can roll off of a piling as the tide rises and falls or the boat moves about on slack docking lines.

Turn fenders horizontal to spread the surface area a bit more inside a slip or along irregular pier faces. But there’s another option that provides unbroken surface protection over a large area.

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