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Sailing Nandji Ep 356 PREPARING TO CROSS OCEANS! | Replacing our Standing Rigging…

In Sailing Nandji Ep 356 The end of the boatyard is insight as our NEW RIG arrives and we re-step the mast!

The long one month in the boatyard is finally coming close to the end. We first hauled out Nandji 2 to complete 3 major jobs in preparation for the year of sailing ahead. With a gnarly Indian Ocean in front of us, we need to make sure the vessel is up for the task. Hauling out, and wasting no time, we removed the mast the following day in order to replace the standing rig.

With the mast on the ground, we got an accurate pin to pin measurement of the wires, a rig plan then created and then sent through to Hamma in Australia where our wires were fabricated by Josh and the team at Arcus Wire. Whilst we waited for DHL to get our new rig to us in Thailand, it gave us time to sort the other 2 major jobs. Below the waterline was was being attended by the team at Yacht Blast, firstly dustless blasting the bottom and revealing the true integrity of the hull.

A million tiny holes were then subsequently filled n faired and the butt re anti fouled to keep those barnacles away. With the other major jobs underway, it gave Bonita and I time to concentrate on the 3rd task, our teak deck. We scrapped, sanded and vacuumed, sanded and vacuumed some more for weeks on end, finally reaching a finished stunning new deck that not only improves the appearance of our home into super yacht status, but is a functional, water tight deck. With the new rig arriving into Phuket, the final task of replacing the mast is in full swing and the end of the boatyard is in sight!!

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