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A poetic trip around the South Pacific with the Alternative Sailing Community

An audio-visual memory of time sailing around the South Pacific with the Alternative Sailing Community. They are a worldwide tribe of travelers living an alternative community lifestyle on sailboats. They recycle, make art and circus, try to spread smiles and share what they have with others.

Our idea of the Alternative Sailing Community is that everyone can contribute with their skills and live as a family. We are organized by free-will and communication, sharing all the tasks on the boat, from cleaning the deck, anchoring, hauling the sails, navigating, cooking, and teaching what you know. The whole community-boats ideais to be able to regster the boats under the AWSC organization, wich means they are ‘owned’ and managed by the people sailing them. It allows then the people to follow different routes and not be enchained to the responsibility of constantly maintaining a boat and for the boats to constantly continue their journey with different crew aboard in constant evolution. , sharing a philosophy of deep respect for the sea and the vessels that take us there. We run daily sailing classes and everyday is a learning day on the boat.

This is the story of the Pacific Fleet as it started in New Zealand. They passed Fiji and Vanuatu, and then with one boat less the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Phillipines.

You can discover more in their official website.

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