VIDEO. Wakatobi, the kiters paradise is in Suluwasi!

This is a video from a trip that Tom Court did with Sophie Mathews to Indonesia
to visit Bali for surfing, and off to explore a remote chain of Island’s in the Suluwasi region. Namely ‘Wakatobi’ resort and private island. Known for its world-class diving it has not yet been exposed for the amazing Kiteboarding conditions that it has to offer in season.

Some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the world coupled with a consistent 15-25knot breeze and a chain of islands that provides the ultimate playground for divers and Kiters alike. Tom and Sophie spent two weeks exploring this paradise… Not a bad way to spend August!

About Wakatobi

Wakatobi Regency is a group of ca. 150 islands forming an administrative regency located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The four largest islands are Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Binongko and Tomia. The capital of the regency is located on Wangi-wangi Island, and was established by virtue of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 29 of 2003 dated 18 December 2003. The regency has an area of 473.62 square kilometres and had a population of 92,922 at the 2010 Census and 111,402 at the 2020 Census.

Wakatobi is also the name of a national park established in 1996, with a total area of 1.39 million hectares that consists of marine biodiversity hotspot known as Wallacea and coral reefs, which condition and scale occupy one of the highest priorities of marine conservation in Indonesia. The Wakatobi Islands are a part of the Coral Triangle, which contains one of the richest marine biodiversity on earth.

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