Santa “Hannah Whiteley” enjoys a festive freestyle session by herself


Hannah Whiteley is a kitesurfer and model born on March 1, 1992 (age 30) in England. She won the 2017 KiteSpeed World Championship after being named Vice Kitesurf World Champion in 2016. She has also won the British Championship three times.

Her father Pete was a kitesurfer as well. He was a five-time British senior champion.

Hannah Whiteley father taught her to kitesurf when she was a child. She returned to the lake at the age of 15 after a terrifying occurrence. She became the youngest girl to win the British Amateur Ladies title at the age of 15.

In 2012, she was named the “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer.”

Rewind 11 years and with her father Pete, a five time British senior champion, watching on in horror. Whiteley came within inches of serious injury — and maybe even death.

It was a moment which would have forced lesser beings into nightmares and cold sweats — but not this British-born battler.

My dad was teaching me and I was going along fine, then all of a sudden then I was out of control and went flying through the sky,” Whiteley told CNN’s Human to Hero series.

“While Mr Claus is busy delivering presents to all the kids of the world, Santa Whiteley enjoys a festive freestyle session by herself. Maintaining a loose attitude is essential to keeping kitesurfing more as a hobby than a job. Enjoy Christmas and time off work, keep it fun, always”

Hannah Whiteley; Pro Kitesurfer, Extreme Sports Athlete & Model.

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