Bali 5.8, the new 18 Meters Catamaran with… a Rooftop

Catana Group unveils its 14th Bali Catamarans model, the Bali 5.8, for the brand’s 10th anniversary. With the launch of the BALI 5.8, the range is now complete from the apex to the base. Following the successful debut of the 38-foot Bali Catsmart at last year’s International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte, the dedicated R&D teams, in collaboration with the Piaton-Bercault design studio, swiftly embarked on introducing this flagship. The world debut of the new Bali 5.8 will be at the 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival.

The suite

The owner’s master suite offers ample storage and living space, fulfilling the high expectations of guests. The lavishly appointed bathroom has undergone a complete transformation, now boasting an expansive XXXL shower that harmonizes flawlessly with the grandeur of the vessel.

The remaining cabins are equally impressive, featuring island beds designed for easy access from either side. Additionally, the Bali 5.8 presents twin cabins with separate berths positioned at the heart of the boat, ideal for accommodating guests without compromising on privacy or comfort.

Furthermore, every bathroom onboard, including those in the 6-cabin configuration, features separate showers and toilets, ensuring unparalleled convenience for all occasions, whether it be family vacations or chartered cruising adventures.

The saloon

The saloon-cockpit of the Bali 5.8 stands as the epitome of the brand’s identity, thanks to the innovative tilting door. Within this space lies a harmonious blend of functionality and design, offering an expansive living area.

The galley, boasting a XXL size, features high-level cupboards and a spacious U-shaped countertop, ensuring ample room for multiple occupants, even in challenging sea conditions.

Bali 5.8 saloon

Incorporating both comfort and practicality, the dining area seamlessly integrates a lounger and a generously sized table capable of accommodating up to 12 individuals. This versatile space serves not only as a dining area but also as a focal point for relaxation and socialization, accentuated by the integrated bar.

Whether you prefer a tranquil bench seat or the luxury of two lounge chairs, the choice is yours to make. With its deep, wide outside bench seat facing the saloon, you can unwind, converse, or simply admire the sea while remaining connected to the heart of the boat.

The large forward door and expansive opening window provide uninterrupted views of the interior, shielded from UV rays and sunlight, while ensuring a continuous flow of refreshing ventilation throughout the boat—an exclusive feature of the Bali concept.

The meticulously positioned chart table, set apart and well-isolated from other areas, offers a forward-facing perspective, maintaining proximity to the bustling life onboard while guaranteeing optimal safety during navigation, undisturbed by other activities.

To enhance the sailing experience for all onboard, particular attention has been dedicated to accommodating the crew, essential for the smooth operation of the vessel. For the master version, a spacious double captain’s cabin is provided, offering both owners and crew their own exclusive retreat.

Bali 5.8 catamaran

The forward cockpit and the… rooftop!

The wide forward door of the Bali 5.8 seamlessly integrates the galley with the interior of the boat, facilitating unrestricted airflow for both guests and the gentle breeze.

On the foredeck, a multifunctional area awaits, providing a unique combination of sunbathing, dining, and lounging options that set it apart from traditional catamarans—a truly distinctive feature.

The full decking from bow to stern not only enhances the boat’s structural integrity, making it more rigid under sail, but also contributes to improved sailing performance. By utilizing carbon for bulkhead reinforcements, a practice inherited from Catana, Bali avoids the need for excessive layers of conventional glass cloth, resulting in a quieter onboard experience.

Bali 5.8 catamaran rooftop

Both a lounge and a sunbathing area, the flybridge is optimised and modular, adapting to the time of day and the cruising style.

The sail handling and helming areas are clearly identified, for the safety of passengers and the peace of mind of the crew. The 2/3 – 1/3 helm seat is modular. A hardtop (or bimini) covers the entire flybridge, providing UV and heat protection and permanent ventilation.

The solar panels are fully integrated for total self-sufficiency.

All the sail areas have been optimised, offering up to 240m² of upwind canvas. Bali’s classic chines reduce the wetted area, while guaranteeing an extremely comfortable volume in the hulls above floor level.

The self-tacking jib of the Bali 5.8 is easy to handle and guarantees upwind performance in strong winds and the sail wardrobe can easily be complemented by a very large Code 0, which can be handled from the cockpit.

Bali 5.8 Specs

Overall length: 57’10”
Beam: 29’8″
Usable deck area: 1,420 SQ FT
Draft: 4′ 10″
Empty weight: 54.957 LBS
Standard sail area (mainsail + solent): 1,926 SQ FT
Maximum upwind sail area (square top mainsal + code 0): 2,561 SQ FT
Engines: 2 X 80 hp up to 115 hp
Fuel max: 317 US GAL
Fresh water max: 349 US GAL

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