9 Best Last Minute​ Gifts for Sailors

Has one of your close friends adopted sailing as the career? Or is it one of the family members who are into excessive sailing? In both the cases, you must be counting days to see them, right? Even Christmas does not guarantee their presence on land, so it is quite obvious to forget your sailor friends and family while making your shopping list. But what if a phone call from them or something that they like has reminded you about them and you don’t have any more time to go shopping and choose a gift after visiting many shops? This is a bit sad. Don’t worry. We have a solution for this. Whether you choose to get next day deliver on an item like a custom fotodecke, or you find something online and pop to the shops, we’ve got you covered. You can get some ideas from this article and order your selected products online or visit the specific shop to bring in the gift for your sailor friends. So, when it is already late, let’s not delay it anymore and present you with a list of gifts that can help you in choosing the gift for sailors.

1. Snorkeling Facemask

If you sailor friend is fond of water, which apparently he or she is, you can gift them a snorkeling mask to explore the depth of waters. This will work best for the deep-sea sailors where there is enough opportunity to explore the underwater creatures and mesmerizing water. This will be one of the best gifts for sailors because a ship in the sea has limited opportunities for entertainment but with this snorkeling mask, you’ll be able to give them a new dimension of getting themselves entertained.

But there are some things that you should consider before buying this sailing gift. Firstly, the snorkeling mask must cover the entire face and would probably better if you are aware of the exact size that would be suitable for your friend. This will improve the experience of exploring ensuring high comfort levels. Probably, you’ll be remembered every day, when your sailor friend or member of the family is going to use this mask for spending some valuable time with nature and its wonderful creatures.

2. Solar Charger

With digitalization on its peak, you don’t want your loved one to remain out of touch because of battery issues. You can give then the facility for keeping their devices charged and even that with the natural source of energy. Gift them a solar charger. You might have to spend a few extra bucks over it, but you’ll definitely like your choice when you’ll see your friend loving this facilitative present from you.

You can look for some of the specific features in the charger you select so that it can provide the real value for money. There are a few varieties of solar charger that come with a waterproof pouch and high capacity battery retention. Both these features are particularly important when the purpose is to give it as a sailboat gift. Why? Because you can expect your sailor friends to be a bit careless about water protection as they have to be in the water all the time. So, the water protection pouch along with the charger can guarantee the safe charging of their phone. Similarly, higher battery retention would make it possible to use this charger at any time whether it is the day or night.

3. Cooler

Cooler and chillers are facilities that are not available to every sailor especially if they are on a small boat. They can’t enjoy their soft drinks in the hot weather because they don’t have enough room and energy to install a chiller or fridge in their boat. If you know that your friend is in such a situation, then gifting a premium cooler or chiller is a wonderful sailboat gift.

There are some coolers available that can keep your things cool for days because of premium insulation used in their manufacturing. This gift will be particularly useful for them and it will really increase your worth and the perception of your shopping taste. So whether it is the last moment shopping or you have planned it for months, this gift can actually prove awesome gift for sailors.

4. Inflatable Solar Light

Lighting is not an issue for large boats, which have the entire system of lighting and backups to ensure a continuous supply of electricity throughout the trip. But ships and boats of regular sailors are not quite big and sometimes might lack a constant supply of electricity because of resource constraints. In some cases, you might be considering a boat, which is just a rowing boat with no electricity at all. In all these situations, one of the best gifts that you can give to the sailors is the inflatable light.

The inflatable lights are charged from solar energy and can illuminate for 8-10 hours. It can be easily clipped to anything and provides a constant source of electricity. You can use it as a reading lamp too because it provides enough light to give you a clear and nice view. The best thing about this gift is that it does not cost much, so if you are tight on a budget especially when you actually forgot a sailor friend. Such a gift can actually be easy to buy but useful to give.

5. Smartwatch for sailors

Another gadget that you can gift your sailor friends is the smartwatch. You can find specific smartwatches that can provide all the gadgets like a compass, the speed of air, water speed, weather etc. in one simple gadget. Additionally, the speed of sailing etc. is also gaugeable. Although, this one of the sophisticated gifts that you can actually give to someone, keeping mind it will require Wi-Fi connection as any other smartwatch. So, if you are sure that the sailor you want to gift this watch to have access to the internet for most of the time, then you should buy this smartwatch. Otherwise, it won’t be able to work in its full capacity and it might not serve the purpose for which you have taken this watch.

If it’s fully functioning then it can also work as a complete android smartwatch, so you can even expect calls and messages from the friend when he or she is on a journey. This is definitely going to be cool. What do you say? If you would like more smart technology gift ideas, then head to for some product reviews and inspiration.

6. Tacking master

A tacking master is a device that can provide all the important information regarding the wind including direction and speed. It can work quite well with the different compasses. So by using the data, you can expect your brother to make decisions regarding the speed of the yacht etc. and win the race. So, you can probably claim some of the winning amounts. After all, it was your gift that led to the winning. Just kidding.

7. Sailor T-shirt

Sailors t-shirt is one of the simple and cutest gifts that can choose for your sailor friends. Some boats made on the T-shirts or oceanic view with sunshine is amongst the various options available. You can even buy two similar t-shirts, one for you and for your sailor friend. This will be a nice surprise and a gift worth remembering.

You can make your choice from the variety of designs that are available. Similarly, the quality of the t-shirts can also be chosen based on your budget and your needs. So this gift can actually provide you with a lot of customizable options. Probably, one of the best things, when you are out of the budget.

Zhik 6L Drybag gift for sailors
Image courtesy Zhik

8. Floating Dry bag

One of the other options that you have to decide the gifts for sailboat owners is the floating dry bag. The sailors can use it for storing 20 litres of liquid or food or whatever they like. These bags ensure the dryness of the products kept inside it. So, it can be of great help to all the sailors.

However, particularly useful for the ones using smaller boats where there is no place to store valuables. Another feature of the floating dry bags is that they don’t require much of your space when they are empty. So, you can keep them easily even if you have less space or excessive weight on the boat because when empty, they are very light in weight.

There are qualities available in these bags too, but for this one, you should probably go for the premium one because this bag is usable multiple times. So, the better the quality of the bag will be, the more the chances will be of its longer usability

9. Hydrophobic Sneakers

Last, but not least, you can choose to gift hydrophobic sneakers to your loved one. These sneakers are actually required by every sailor whether they are on a dinghy boat or a proper multi-story ship. Why? Because it can be used for protection against, water and is usable in different conditions.

No one would want their normal shoes to get damaged because of water splashing or water waves. So, for that purpose, these shoes are a good alternative. These shoes are made up of hydrophobic material, which does not keep the water from entering into the shoe but also provide you with the comfort of dryness even after the water splash as the material tends to dry quickly and avoid soaking any sort of moisture.

Additionally, hydrophobic sneakers are usually stylish to an extent that you can even wear them to a party. Such a gift for your sailor friend will actually serve a dual purpose. The same shoes can be used by them on land and in water. You can choose the right brand and quality depending upon your needs. A word of caution here, you must know the exact size of the feet for which you are purchasing these sneakers as the sailboat gift, otherwise, they won’t be of any use.

The above-mentioned gift items are amongst the top 10 gifts that you can choose for your sailor friends or family members. There can be a variety of other options to be considered as the gift but if you are running out of time or expecting them to pay you an unexpected visit, then these simple gifts are worth trying.

We have covered the gifts from different price ranges and for sailors of different kinds of boats so that you can manage a gift for your loved one in any situation you are facing. We hope that this lift would provide you with specific ideas for where should you look for the best sailing gifts. If you have any other fantastic ideas, please do share them with us. In the end, we’ll want you to greet “Happy Shopping”.

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