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SEA.AI Brain: How to Enhance Maritime Safety with Advanced Machine Vision

SEA.AI has announced the release of ‘Brain’, a new tool designed to improve the capabilities of third-party thermal cameras. This system works alongside existing RADAR, AIS, and Telemetrics systems to provide a more comprehensive view of the sea’s surface, which is vital for spotting potential dangers under various conditions.

All sailors take comfort and pride in comprehensive information delivered at the right time. No detail is too small if it ensures the safety of the crew, the vessel and the cargo,” stated Marcus Warrelmann, CEO of SEA.AI, underscoring the value of precise and timely information for ensuring maritime safety.

The Brain is engineered to address gaps in existing maritime vision systems, utilizing six years of accumulated maritime surface data from both online and offline sources. It continuously monitors the horizon and alerts the crew to any surface anomalies detected, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of maritime operations.

The system builds upon existing over-and-under water detection technologies, proving useful even in difficult conditions such as large swells or nighttime. It can identify a variety of objects, including small boats, debris, lost cargo, or individuals in distress.

Solenn Gouerou, Head of Marketing at SEA.AI, discussed the increasing complexity of maritime navigation. “Shipping lanes are more crowded, and there is simply more junk floating on our waters. Our goal was to develop a technology that complements existing third-party thermal cameras with AI and advanced optics to provide better visibility.”

The SEA.AI Brain is proactive, directing the crew’s attention to potential hazards before they pose a significant threat. This feature allows the crew to manage other essential duties more efficiently while maintaining safety.

Supported by extensive data contributions from the global maritime community, the Brain aims to enhance safety and security at sea. This system is compatible with current navigational and monitoring systems and operates continuously, learning and adapting to new conditions.

Scheduled to be available for third-party IP cameras that support ONVIF S standards by Summer 2024, SEA.AI’s Brain offers a valuable addition to maritime safety tools, enhancing surveillance and response capabilities.

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