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Sailing Nandji Ep 254 Tiny house, BIG LIFE!! Exploring Exotic Indonesia

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, WE ARE FREE!!! We have been dreaming of cruising around these islands for the last 18 months of being stuck. I honestly think that it was the thought of arriving to the Mentawai islands of Indonesia was what helped us get through our time in Malaysia!

After a few little hurdles to navigate upon arrival, we made clearance and wasted no time to get out to the islands. This is the beauty of living on a boat, being able to change our backyard by going sailing! We are in the wet season though so our backyard is going to change often as we constantly have to seek shelter for the night.

A task happily completed as after not moving for such a long time, we are happy to pick anchor multiple times a day to have fun!! Living on our small boat for sure has its challenges at times, but what we lack in house size, we try to make up for with adventure as we want to live life to the fullest and share this with our beautiful daughter.

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