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Sailing Nandji Ep 219 GOODBYE TO OUR OLD LIFE! Leaving our Boat behind…

In this episode, with Nandji on the hardstand and not ready to be launched, we need to pack her up and move closer to the hospital. Bonita is now 9 months pregnant and the baby could come any day. With the hospital a 3 hour drive away, we move overland to the city of Penang.

Due to Australia’s tough and expensive restrictions and the fact it being near impossible to get a flight into the the country, we have had to think how and where we are going to have our baby. With great health care in the city of Penang, Malaysia, we decided this would be our place. Away from friends and family and alone in this new city, times can be difficult. Together we can face any obstacle and this is a new challenge for our family to overcome.

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