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Sailing Nandji Ep 77 – Kennedy Island, JFK’s story of survival in WW2

After a surf... We visit Kennedy island & Bonita explains the fascinating story of JFK's survival in WW2

Sailing Nandji Ep 77: we leave Gizo town on our way to visit the famous Kennedy island. After a quick detour so Yosh can have a quick surf, we anchor in a beautiful anchorage and take the tender across the lagoon to Kennedy island.


Bonita tells us the fascinating story of survival of JFK in WW2. The island was renamed Kennedy island after JFK. During WW2 Kennedy and other Americans were on patrol in their vessel PT109 looking for Japanese targets when their boat was ran down by a Japanese destroyer.

Kennedy and the other survivors swam to the nearest island which is now called Kennedy island. We visit this little island and Bonita explains the full ordeal.

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