Spinlock Sail-Sense Helps You Be Smarter About Your Sail Management

Following long sea trials, months of testing of both hardware and App, the Sail-Sense sensor is now in full production and ready to fit to sails. With a growing desire to use data to enhance the performance and enjoyment of our sport, Spinlock Sail-Sense is a revolutionary new sensor which helps you be smarter about your sail management.

Small and lightweight, Sail-Sense attaches permanently to the sail, measuring key performance data such as UV, hours of use, G-Force and Flogging (movement) as well as the last known location of the sail.

Racing, cruising, inshore, offshore, superyacht, performance and fun – Sail-Sense offers benefits to all owners of sails and yachts.


  • Measures Hours in use, UV exposure, flogging, tack count & location
  • See how, when and where a sail has been used
  • Negligible size and weight
  • Tamper proof record of a sails lifetime history
  • Monitor the ‘health score’ & life of a sail
  • Real time asset management – Live Mode: Full time visibility of product usage and wear
  • App – Sail-Sense users able to log, record and review and export all of the data recorded

Technical Details

  • Sewn attachment to the sail
  • Fitted during sail manufacture or added as an aftermarket accessory
  • 7.5 years battery hours depending on use
  • Fibre analysis of UV and motion undertaken by Southampton University


  • Deliver usage-based warranty and service agreements
  • Accurately record sail condition and monitor degradation
  • Optimise and streamline inventory management
  • Valuable training aid for crews and yacht operators
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