Sailmon Launches The New MAX Smart Device For Sport Boats

sailmon gps technology

Sailmon, the Dutch maritime company, has launched a smart device for dinghies and sports boats called MAX. This compact, wireless and accurate sailing instrument offers all sailors the opportunity of improving their sailing performance with the help of data. MAX is a sailing instrument able to visualise sailors’ performance ‘live’ via an app. The ‘live’ data can also be viewed at a later moment.

The built-in, rapid GPS and advanced 9-axis compass generate precise sailing data such as heading, speed, wind and course over ground. MAX also contains a ping function, countdown clock and indicates distance and time from the starting line, allowing all sailors to optimise their start to perfection. MAX is supplied with technology and algorithms, originally developed by Sailmon specifically for racing yachts and super yachts, but now available to every sailor (€ 899 incl. VAT).

sailmon max app

Linking MAX to the Sailmon app

MAX is the first sailing instrument to have an accompanying app. The Sailmon app can be used for acquiring insight into or to store data from training sessions or actual races, as well as to relive the moment. The app automatically generates a session report which lists full details in a convenient manner (time, (top) speed, distance and manoeuvres).

MAX visualises the results in an accessible, straightforward timeline and map. Another excellent feature allows users to share their performance with friends, family and the competition, or to download the data for further analysis, challenges or mutual competition events.

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