J/Boats J/45, a Bluewater Model Conceived By Life-Long Sailors

The new J/Boats J/45, debuting in Europe at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, is a true bluewater sailing yacht, designed and built for the sea by life-long sailors. The J/Boats and J/Composites teams have collaborated to create a special design for discerning sailors seeking an exceptional sailing experience. 

The J/45 can be sailed solo, cruised by 2-3 couples or large family, and pleasure sailed or raced with room for the whole crew. This is an investment-grade sailboat that won’t require a professional crew to sail, handle or maintain.

j/boats j/45
Image courtesy J/Boats

J/45, built with advanced technology

The J/45 is built strong by J/Composites (in the Vendee region of France) with the latest advanced composite resin infusion technology – twice as strong as hand-laid fiberglass boats. J/Composites was the first European-based shipyard to adopt the patented SCRIMP resin infusion system in the mid-’90s and is now one of the most experienced sailboat builders in the world for sandwich/infusion construction.

Anchoring the internal structure of the J/45 hull is an extensive composite grid and series of structural composite bulkheads that are bonded to the hull and deck.

The combination of advanced composite construction, an easily driven hull shape, and low center-of-gravity results in the stability and smooth sailing motion normally reserved for larger yachts. The J/45 comes to critical components like composite materials, keel, spars, winches, and deck hardware, which all contribute to a comfortable motion while sailing.

With the J/45, the same main and jib combination that performs in 6 knots of wind can be “de-powered” to perform in 20 knots – no sail change needed. This cuts crew work in half compared to constant sail-changing needed on heavier cruisers.

j/boats j/45
Image courtesy J/Boats

J/Boats J/45: the interiors

The J/45 breaks new ground for J/Boats for interior design and comfort thanks to French interior designer Isabelle Racoupeau. Working in close collaboration with the J/Composites Shipyard, Racoupeau has brought her vast experience in cruising yacht design to create a beautifully finished and elegant interior befitting the newest cruising J

Owners may choose from a two cabin/two head or a three cabin/two head interior arrangement. One can further personalize the interior finish with three choices of wood (white oak, teak, or walnut) and extensive upholstery options. A wide range of onboard systems is available (air conditioning, heat, sound system, etc) to enhance cruising comfort.

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