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Sailing Nandji Ep 110 – White Water Rafting in a Sailboat…

Sailing Nandji Ep 110: sailing into the Lombok Strait in a current running at over 5 knots we flew at high speeds until we hit the rapids!

This week on Sailing Nandji, putting our exhaust troubles behind us and collecting our new crew, we head to sea on a day sail along the South coast of Lombok, continuing our journey west as we sail Indonesia towards Malaysia. A quick overnight stop off and nice weather we decide to tackle the notorious Lombok Strait.

The currents that run between the Southern Islands of Indonesia are strong and unpredictable. We had been nervous about traversing this area for a long time, but with nice weather today was the day we would take it on! Everything was going fine as we found a strong current floating us north until on the horizon we could see white water and waves… White water rafting in a sailboat!

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