Full-Electric Spirit 30 Is Designed for Coastal Cruising and Regatta Racing

spirit 30 classic sailboat
Image courtesy Spirit Yachts

Designed as a simple yet elegant day sailor, the Spirit 30 is a new addition to the Spirit Yachts portfolio.  Sporting a 1930s-inspired, modern classic design and uncluttered decks, she is aesthetically beautiful and simple to sail.  The ideal yacht for coastal cruising on a sunny day with family and friends, the Spirit 30 is also set up for single or short-handed sailing. 

The first full-electric Spirit 30 was constructed from responsibly sourced, FSC*-certified Sapele ring frames and Douglas fir planking.  The hull was then made water-tight using flax material, which was laid on the timber and sealed using PRO-SET bio-resin.

spirit 30 sailboat
Image courtesy Spirit Yachts

At 9.15m long with a light displacement of 1.7 tonnes, the Spirit 30 has options for a fixed or lifting keel and rudder.  The yacht can also easily be transported on a road trailer adding to the versatility of this simple yet classically beautiful design.

The fully electric Spirit 30 has a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 FP electric drive system powered by lithium-ion batteries and a Torqeedo 650W battery charger, giving a range of circa 16nm at 5 knots.  The increased range can be gained with optional additional battery capacity if preferred. The batteries are recharged by shore power or via solar panels that mount over the cockpit cover.

Spirit Yachts Managing Director and Head of Production Mike Taylor added, “Not only is the Spirit 30 much-admired and a joy to sail, but she is also the most sustainable Spirit yacht to date.  After several tests, we used flax fabric and bio-resin on the non-structural elements of the hull, which have been very successful.  The electric drive system is easy to operate and delivers simple, near-silent maneuvering.

spirit 30 classic sailboat
Image courtesy Spirit Yachts

Mike Taylor added, “We are continuing our drive to lower the carbon footprint of all our yachts and as such the hull materials and the electric drive system on the Spirit 30 are now standard options for all Spirits.

With her uncluttered decks and all sail controls led aft, the Spirit 30 is set up for single or short-handed sailing.  Her light displacement, modern hull design, and performance rig and sails deliver speed on the water for competitive regatta racing.   During commissioning in a wind speed of 18-20knots, Spirit Yachts recorded an upwind sailing speed of 6.8knots and 10knots off the wind.

Sean McMillan added, “Due to high levels of positive interest, there are now two iterations of the Spirit 30 design.  The first version is the recently launched classic day sailor version, with a large cockpit and no interior living space.  This original design has been progressed into a second version, which incorporates a small ‘cuddy’ berth and simple amenities for a weekend on the water.

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