E-Motion Rudder Drive, an electric engine with… the Propeller installed into the Rudder

Hanse Yachts introduces E-Motion Rudder Drive – an interesting propulsion type, with a special folding propeller….

An electric engine and a folding propeller have been installed into the rudder shaft, replacing the combination of diesel engine and sail drive. As a result, the propeller thrust is in line with the rudder position. This enables turning in the smallest circles or rotating around your own keel; it could be a perfect solution for maneuvering in narrow ports.

Making 4.5 knots with calm seas, the new Hanse 315 equipped with four lithium-ion batteries has a range of up to to 30 nautical miles – enough for all European inland waters and many coastal waters. At lower speeds, the range is significantly increased. The Rudder Drive can also be used with two batteries if a shorter range is required. The maximum speed is 6.1 knots – nearing the maximum speed of the diesel version.

The quiet Rudder Drive is also lightweight: 100 kg less than the diesel saildrive option. The Rudder Drive does not require a hole through the hull, lowering the resistance while sailing. The electric drive’s simplicity means less maintenance, as well.

E-Motion Rudder Drive: watch the video

From a standstill position, the yacht immediately starts to turn without having to pick up speed first. In addition, you enjoy all benefits of an electric engine. It will be the future?


  1. I think is a very good idea… I need to know if you sale this ingenio and to know the price and date of sending …Well as mucht as you can . Congratulations for that and awaiting for your news
    Carlos F Morante from Malaga Spain. For north wing 435

    1. Dear Carlos,
      no we don’t sell it. We are a News Magazine.
      You have to contact Hanse Yachts (

      Best regards!

  2. Nice, the space the engine takes is a lot. This would be great for smaller boats.

  3. What provides the power? Diesel driving dc generator for the dc motor?

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