New Hanse 458 and 508: Double Debut for Hanse Yachts

Hanse Yachts announces the new Hanse 458 and the new Hanse 508; both new yachts celebrate world premiere at the 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival from the 11th to the 16th September. 

The new Hanse 458 

The new Hanse 458 is no exception and already holds in the exterior what it promises. Ergonomic plotter pods, a double anchor arm for a code zero and six windows in the aft cabins are just some of the details characterising the new Hanse 458.

Below deck, fine woods and soft fabrics enrich the grace of this Hanse. An essential detail: this 45 ft yacht does not have a freestanding mast support. The main bulkhead is a composite construction with carbon reinforcement and provides a stiff and direct mast-keel connection. This makes the interior even larger with the loft-like design coming to its full advantage. The new Hanse 458 can be built in the owner’s version with a large master cabin in the bow or with four double cabins for more guests on board. 

Hanse 458 specs
LOA 14.04 m 46′ 1″
Hull length 13.55 m 44′ 5″
Beam 4.38 m 14′ 4″
Total sail area approx. 103.00 m² 1,109 sq ft
Draft L-keel, medium 2.23 m 7′ 4″
Displacement L-keel, medium 11.70 t 25,794 lbs
Engine standard approx. 57.00 hp
CE Certifcate A – 10
Design judel / vrolijk & co
Interior HanseYachts Design
Price standard (excl. VAT) 199.900 € 

The new Hanse 508

Large cockpit, elevated bulwark, second forestay for a Genoa adding to the self-taking jib: the Hanse 508 convinced as a bluewater yacht for long distance sailing. The newly developed subframe structure of the Hanse 508 was specially designed for the mast-keel connection. As in the Hanse 458, the free-standing mast pole is now replaced by the new carbon composite main bulkhead. 

In the interior, the new Hanse 508 surprises with some features and an elegantly designed interior. It is the only new Hanse yacht with a longitudinal galley in the saloon and can be equipped with up to five cabins. In the layout version D3, the Hanse 508 gets a utility room with a washing machine in addition to the four bathrooms. 

Hanse 508 specs
Price standard (excl. VAT) 274.900 €
LOA 15.55 m 51′
Hull length 14.93 m 49′
Beam 4.75 m 15′ 7″
Total sail area approx. 118.00 m. 1,270 sq ft
Draft L-keel, medium 2.40 m 7′ 10″
Displacement L-keel, medium 14.70 t 32,408 lbs
Engine standard approx. 80 hp
CE Certifcate A – 12
Design judel / vrolijk & co
Interior HanseYachts Design 


  1. As a former Hanse505 owner I must say that Hanse did no learn from old mistakes after seeing the 508. After one offshore year I sold my 505 as she was not made for offshore sailing at all. The Judel Vrolijk hull is good but all systems are underdimensioned and unreliable. I had so may technical issues on a new yacht. The 508 design wise is even worse. Of course state of the art urban interior design but what about sailing? To me this is statement that Hänse owner shouldn’t go offshore and stay in the marina. For my upcoming circumnavigation I have changed the brand.

    1. Hi there
      We are in the process of selecting either the 508 vs the Jeanneau 51. Your comments are very interesting, as we intend on moving the boat between Lake Ontario and the Caribbean. Could you be more specific as to your concerns?
      Thanks in advance

  2. We are in same state from changing from a Hanse 470e. If the quality is good enough for bluewater sailing I also have my prejudices after a ten years experince with ours. BUT: be fair and make a seatrial beforde judging. I mean, Lewmar stays Lewmar, Selden is Selden wether it is mounted on a Hanse or on a Jeanneau. Nelsons, for some details you might be right: underdimensioned. I.e. the windlass: 1000W is really not strong enough. But exchange it with a Lofrans 1500W and you are fine. At least they mounted a Yanmar engine and not Volvo!
    Personally I miss the dinghy garage on both yachts, as I hate davits, especially in the Med where you moor stern to. And these dinghies on the bow on a mooring are always in your way.

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