MAT 1220, A New Rocket Signed Mark Mills

The MAT 1220 is a great design, signed by Mark Mills, for a new generation of IRC racers for MAT, emphasizing versatility both in performance profile and configurations. The premise for the boat is to produce a modern light design that is equally at home offshore as inshore, taking the rating-friendly features of the successful ‘French’ IRC design type and combine with slightly lighter displacement. 

MAT 1220
Image courtesy MAT

This French style of IRC design combines features such as medium displacement, greater emphasis on bow overhang, fin keel of moderate draft, and a number of sail plan tweaks to arrive at a very competitive corrected time solution inshore over 12knots true, and offshore in most conditions. 

Because of this combination of these features, it is inherently competitive reaching, and the Turkish yard has been working on improving the inshore character of the MAT 1220 in sub-12 for better light airs windward leeward performance without giving up the ability to get on the step downwind at a reasonable wind speed.  The base rating for the fin keel version with pinhead main is around 1.155, while with the fin keel and a squaretop it could go up to 1.190. 

MAT 1220
Image courtesy MAT

Building on the deck and styling of the MAT1070, the large cockpit offers an optimal platform for high-level racing as open space for fun family sailing.  The interior of the MAT 1220 can be completed to a range of fitouts from stripped racing to offshore racing to family racer/cruiser. 

MAT 1220
Image courtesy MAT

The sail plan of the MAT 1220 is built around the lower-rated pinhead main, but for lighter air venues the square top main offers a useful increase in sail area.  A twin rudder option is available for more offshore-oriented campaigns, and multiple winch choices range from the base layout to a pedestal-driven solution and a powered winch option.  Because it is not an extreme type form with a medium-sized sail plan and reasonable displacement, stability, and draft, the yard is also working on an ORC optimized configuration. 

MAT 1220 specs

Hull length12.20m
Beam max3.96m
Draft with bulb keel2.90m
Draft with fin keel2.50m
Displacement with bulb keel4.750kg
Displacement with fin keel5.250kg
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