The New Bavaria C42 Explained By The Designer

Bavaria c42 sailboat

The Bavaria C42 is the first model to come from the Bavaria shipyard after the change in ownership and management. The yard’s request was to maintain the main design features of the C line models 57/50/45 but, at the same time, impart a clear, precise sign of the change in direction and mindset.

Cossutti Yacht Design is responsible also for the Bavaria C42’s hull, which has chines, with plenty of topsides flare right aft to reduce wetted surface area in light airs and allow for a single rudder.

“How to transfer an abstract concept onto paper and then into a product reality: this was not an easy task for us”, explains Maurizio Cossutti. “Working together with the boatyard in an “open minded” approach, we thought that maintaining deck styling would carry over the family feel, while a new concept hull would help send the market the desired message.

Bavaria c42

Nevertheless, the new hull should not be merely an exercise in style; it should be functional for the purposes of the C42; and, thus, for the first time in the Bavaria boatyard’s history, we have a sailing yacht hull with a pronounced but elegant chine.

The bow is wide and rounded above the waterline and then tapers and is faired below, giving the boat an aggressive, racy look — reminiscent of the most recent ocean race craft — while leaving room for sensational interior volumes.

The philosophy behind the “C” line — to achieve a pure “sailing” feel — is carried on with this new model: for this reason, the Bavaria C42 offers a very generous sail plan with the tallest mast of any of its competitors. All this power can be easily governed thanks to its high form stability and the righting moment provided by the bulb, thus ensuring that the boat can sail trouble free in complete safety.

Bavaria c42 interiors sailboat

As with the previous models, there are options for self-tacking and or a traditional jib on longitudinal tracks and for a bowsprit for the gennaker to support the anchor system.

The building system reflects the one developed and improved upon for the other models: sandwich hull on the sides and single skin on the bottom; laminated bulkheads on the extremities of the hull together with the modular “Modutech” assembly system. In the design and construction of the furniture, Bavaria has introduced a clean, streamlined style to optimize costs while maintaining a feeling of elegance and comfort.

The basic layout has three cabins and one head, but options are available for two cabins plus stern storage area, or two heads, one in the bow for the owner, the other located in the central area. The galley is L-shaped as in the C45/50 and is quite large. The living space is completed with a U-shaped sofa with openable table on the starboard side and linear portside sofa and chart table. The deck plan includes lines leading to the two winches located to the side of the entrance; there is also the possibility of two optional winches on the 105% jib, but also an additional option to bring the two aft winches to within the helmsman’s reach for self-tacking on one side and the mainsail on the other.

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