Azuree 33C, the sailboat you can transform as you want

Azuree 33C is a restyling of successful design Azuree 33, involving changes to several areas: deck layout, interiors, hull appendage keel, laminations… the ‘C’? It stands for cruising. Although with twin rudders, beam extended aft and hull chines the exterior might give a mixed message.

The Azuree 33c’s base version offers an open-space interior for daysailing, but with its transformable modular features the 33c can be converted into a cruiser, with two cabins and a total of six berths. All interior furnishings are completely interchangeable and can be replaced.

The Ceccarelli designed hull has a pronounced beam for improved performance to windward, given it’s inherently stable form. The 33c’s hull shape loves a stiff breeze, but is still quick and harmonious in lighter airs. The new version also has optimized appendages for better performance.

Another interesting feature is the availability of a special performance package for the rig, perfect for owner’s who want to try out their racing skills.


Full lenght 9,99 m
Waterline lenght 9,56 m
Beam 3,66 m
Displacement 5.156 kg
Ballast Beam 1.550 kg
Fuel Capacity 96 lt
Water Tank 200 lt
Main Sail Area 66 mq

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