Your boat doesn’t have the Bowsprit? You can install it now, his name is Trogear

The Trogear Bowsprit is an aftermarket sprit that makes flying and handling reaching & off-wind sails safer and easier. For yachts 18′-50′. For Asymm and Code 0 sails and Monohulls, catamarans, trimarans.

Some advantages
– Adjust the sail luff tension from the cockpit using the adjustable bobstay.

– Fold to an upright position when at the dock or attaching sails

– Install below deck or on deck – leaves your deck or anchor locker unobstructed

How to install the Bowsprit

The Trogear A-Sprit was uniquely designed to be installed via a hinge mount to allow for vertical adjustment. This is possible both below deck or on top of the deck. Each situation is unique, and which method is best for your yacht depends on its design and also your preferences.

trogear below deckBELOW DECK – Through Hull

The preferred installation method is to install a fiberglass hinge tube across the bow. It is located about 2″ from the top of the deck and about 10-13″ aft from the tip of the bow (specific placement depends on your yacht and A-Sprit). The hinge tube is glassed into the hull, though the A-Sprit is removable.


trogear below deckDECK MOUNTED – with Brackets

In some instances, such as boats with a bow anchor roller, deck mounting the A-Sprit works better. We have custom designed mounting brackets for this purpose which will work in many cases. Please contact us or consult your rigger with any questions.


SIDE MOUNTS – below deckSIDE MOUNTS – below deck

These Carbon Fiber Mounts are for installing the Trogear Bowsprit below deck without needing through hull installation. They are suitable for yachts with narrow bows around 40 degrees including trimarans. When using these side mounts, the Bowpsrit attachment point is moved forward offering more extensions past the bow.

CROSS BEAM MOUNTED (Catamaran) – with BracketsCROSS BEAM MOUNTED (Catamaran) – with Brackets

The Trogear Bowsprit works extremely well with catamarans. We have consulted with Z spars in France, who designs Catamaran cross beams, and developed custom brackets to mount the Trogear on the cross beam. There are a few approaches to rigging the Sprit, and in some cases customers have purchased a second Sprit as a dolphin striker. Please contact us or consult your rigger with any questions.

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