4 Step by Step Tips to Reproof Your Waterproof Jacket and More

When you are out sailing, there is little worse than getting caught in the rain with no waterproof jacket to help keep you dry. What can make things even more unbearable, however, is thinking your jacket is still able to keep the rain off, when it is actually due a reproofing. To keep you dry, and your jacket in top shape, when out in the water, you might want to take a look at our handy tips to reproof your waterproof jacket and more…

Tip 1 – Spray Proofer

Reproof Your Waterproof Jacket

A spray proofer is often the fastest method for reproofing your jacket, and as such, it tends to be the most popular way to go. Here are the simple and easy steps you need to take in order to get the job done, and done well.

Step 1: Spray the proofer on the jacket, which should be hanging up, from a distance of around 20cm.
Step 2: Check the jacket to ensure no areas have been missed.
Step 3: Wipe off the excess with a damp cloth.
Step 4: Allow the jacket to dry naturally.
Step 5: Apply a second coat of proofer to areas like the shoulders and elbows that have high abrasion levels.

Tip 2 – Wash-in Proofer

Reproof Your Waterproof Jacket

Sometimes a wash-in proofer can be easier and more effective, and if you are searching for the right method to get the job done, these are the best steps to follow for good results.

Step 1: Pour the proofer (after measuring according to the instructions on the bottle) into the detergent compartment of your washing machine.
Step 2: Set the washing machine to 30-degrees and run it for a full wash cycle.
Step 3: If the instructions on the jacket allow for it, run it through the tumble dryer as heat can help to activate the proofer.

Tip 3 – Wax Jackets

Reproof Your Waterproof Jacket

Often, wax jackets have a more comfortable feel and last longer than a standard waterproof version. If yours has started to look a little worse for wear, here is the best way to get it looking good again.

Step 1: Use cold water and a sponge to clean the outside of a jacket. Never put a wax jacket into the washing machine, or use hot water, as this will permanently remove the wax coating.
Step 2: Take the wax and leave it in a container of hot water for around 20 minutes to soften it, leaving it with a liquid consistency.
Step 3: Take an old cloth, or sponge, and use it to work the wax into the jacket – paying careful attention to the seams, creases, and dry patches. Keep the tin of wax in the hot water while you work to ensure it remains soft, topping it up with hot water if it begins to harden again.
Step 4: Dry the jacket using a hair dryer from a distance, ensuring the wax is evenly spread.
Step 5: Repeat the entire process once a year to keep it in good condition.

Tip 4 – Reproofing Leather Shoes

Reproof Your Waterproof Jacket

Many sailors enjoy the comfort of waterproof shoes when they are out on the open water, and it can be very beneficial to have a pair. For leather shoes or boots, here is how to reproof them when they start to feel a bit damp. It is important that you tend to your shoes if leather gets wet as rain and water damage can really affect your favourite footwear. Alternatively, you might want to consider some more lightweight Vessi waterproof shoes. Some people prefer the flexibility they offer, whilst still retaining a good grip.

Step 1: Clean the boots thoroughly using the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer.
Step 2: Apply a small amount of wax (appropriate for your shoes) to a cloth and rub it over the show sparingly. If the wax is too hard, soften it with hot water or a hairdryer, then repeat as necessary.
Step 3: Leave the boots to dry naturally for around an hour. Do not apply direct heat to the shoes as the leather could end up cracking.
Step 4: Buff the wax off with a dry cloth.

So, what do you think about our handy tips to reproof your waterproof jacket?

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