SAIL UNIVERSE CHOICE. 7 of the Most Beautiful Sailboats of all Time

A very interesting Instagram profile, @sailor_sea_world (follow him!), choose every week some of the most beautiful sailboats of all time. Thanks to his help, we picked 7 of this boats for you!

“Fisher & Paykel” Maxi yacht

most beautiful sailboats

The legendary 83ft “Fisher & Paykel” Maxi yacht, 2nd in the 89/90 Whitbread Round-the-World Race and entry in the 2011 Volvo Ocean Legends Race in Alicante. One of the biggest racing yachts ever built for round-the-world racing and the last of its generation of giants still to be sailing worldwide. The boat was originally built for the Whitbread Round-the-World Race of 1990/91 and was named after its main sponsor, the NZ home appliances manufacturer “Fisher&Paykel”. Was designed by Bruce Farr and built by Martin Marine in New Zealand and a total of approx. 3 Milion Dollars were spent on state-of-the-art space industry materials and the latest technologies in order to create a masterpiece of yacht racing under the direction of its captain Grant Dalton (nowadays director of the NZ America’s Cup Team). Great super boat and sailor

Pelagic Australis

most beautiful sailboats

Pelagic Australis is the particular sloop ice class in aluminum of 74ft. It has a displacement of 48 tons, it results very strongly. Its sail area reaches 264 sqm upwind and 414 sqm… its lifting-keel adjustable allow a régi labile drift from 1.20m to 3.90m if it’s necessary.

Kriter Brut de Brut

most beautiful sailboats

Kriter Brut de Brut, 23.50 meters trimaran skippered by Sylvie Vanek and Beatrice Maupas in 1983 for the Transat in double Lorient-Bermuda-Lorient. The French Philippe Monnet with this boat in 1986 establishes a new record of the solo world tour on a multihull in 129 days 19 days and 17 minutes.

Pen Duick VI

most beautiful sailboats

This is the boat of the most famous sailor, Eric Tabarly. Pen Duick VI is a 22.25 mt ketch built in 1973 for the Whitbread Round the World Race. In 1976 she won the transatlantic regatta in solitary from Plymouth to Newport.


most beautiful sailboats

Top view of beautiful anthem. The particular ketch built in 1998 is a 70 feet sailboat. With is extraordinary 1000 sq ft of sail it can be reached a speed of 25 knots in strong wind. The mainmast is 70 ft and the mizzenmast is 50 ft, it allows you to put 5 sails at the same time.


most beautiful sailboats

Why did we select Reliance among the most beautiful sailboats of all time? Simple… Reliance, the boat that defended America’s Cup in 1903, is the most extreme boat ever sailed in the cup: 27.4 m long at the float and 43.5m out of all measured by the bompress tip at the end of the boom was 60 m. Born by the genius of what is considered to be the greatest inventor of modern sail, Nathaniel Herreshoff when he has slammed the topside turned into a floating line making it much more powerful.

Spirit Of Portopiccolo

most beautiful sailboats

Spirit Of Portopiccolo a 26m sail yacht was built in 2003 by McConaghy boats. Design is the work of Reichel-Pugh. Previously named Morning Glory. This amazing sail yacht in carbon hull e canting keel has an enviable trophy list:
Winner of the 2017 Barcolana di Trieste,
Winner of the 2007 Maxi Worlds, Racing Division
Winner of the 2006 Middle Sea Race
1st to Finish and New Course Record in the 2005 Transpac Race
1st to Finish and New Course Record in the 2004 Newport to Bermuda Race!
Fast boat for racing sailor, Great!


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