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Sailing Nandji Ep 262 GOODBYE BOAT .. WE ARE HEADING HOME!! 

sailing nandji

In Sailing Nandji Ep 262, we are Australia bound! With all the difficulties of traveling due to that never-ending virus, we had been stuck away from our families for over two and half years. After building a mooring to keep Nandji safe and sound in Indonesia, we board 4 planes and transit for 48 hours to get back to the welcoming arms of Bonita’s mum, Tallula’s Nanna. Discover more on Sailing Nandji Ep 262.

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About Sailing Nandji crew

I am Bonita the boss, Yosh is the Captain, Marley is the hound and Tallula is our beautiful new baby daughter. We have been living on our boat Nandji for nearly 5 years. We first departed Australia in July 2017 with big dreams of sailing offshore. We soon discovered this was the way of life we wanted and the further we sailed, the further we want to go!

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