Videoworks reveals their Lighting Design Project for 60m Perini Navi Seven

This project has been awarded with the 2018 Boat International and Innovation Awards in the Best Lighting categoryLighting design on board Perini Navi Seven was created by Videoworks in collaboration with Dante O. Benini & Partners, achieving a mix of direct, indirect and backlit illumination, creating a natural light effect.

Videoworks is pleased to unveil all the exciting details of their lighting design for the 60 meter ketch Perini Navi Seven. This successful project has just been awarded the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards in the category “Best Lighting”.

While designing the lighting on-board the Perini Seven, Videoworks collaborated with both the shipyard and the Dante O. Benini & Partners studio, well known to the international public for their avant-garde projects, and here responsible for interior design.

Perini navi seven
Photo Giuliano Sargentini – Perini Navi

We are proud to have participated in a project with such a highly challenging level of technology and design”, said Mauro Pellegrini, founder and Sales Manager at Videoworks. “This confirms that Videoworks has the ability to deal with every single aspect in the creation of these complex systems aboard a modern yacht.

The work that we did together with Videoworks”, explained Arch. Dante Benini, “was carried out in perfect symbiosis and allowed us to realize a very innovative system that avoids any kind of dazzling light. When the sun comes in through the windows aboard Seven, it creates an absolutely natural play of shadows and light. This was what we wanted to recreate with artificial illumination”.

Perini Navi Seven lighting design revealed

Step 1: lighting design

The first challenge for the Videoworks team was to create a lighting design that mixed direct, indirect and backlit illumination, yet that would not lose sight of the proper balance between the various elements.

The project had to follow the design of the Benini & Partners interiors and bring out their qualities. Here the choice of the various types of light fixtures, based on the atmosphere of the environments they would be located in, was fundamental and was determined in the design phase.

Perini navi seven
Photo Giuliano Sargentini – Perini Navi

This has allowed for a great flexibility in the commissioning and tuning phase that assured the system to have always the correct quantity of light and, at the same time, an amount of illumination that would be able to excite and bring out the beauty and elegance of the project. This was obtained thanks to the correct placement of each fixture, recreating the effect of natural lighting.

Step 2: light engineering

The next challenge was to transfer everything that was created and designed on paper into systems, cabling and lighting schemes. The use of the DALI protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, a new digital interface standard for the electronic management of interior illumination systems) allowed Videoworks to create very high quality illumination, guaranteeing that each fixture could fully express its potential.

Perini navi seven
Photo Giuliano Sargentini – Perini Navi

While creating the various on-board atmospheres, these aspects were of primary importance in obtaining low percentages of dimming and soft fades when passing from one scenario to another. These choices guarantee elegant illumination, all the time, in every environment.

Perini navi seven
Photo Giuliano Sargentini – Perini Navi

Step 3: light management 

To get the most out of one of the fundamental aspects of this project, namely precision, Videoworks was also responsible for supervising, consulting and installing all illuminated environments aboard the Perini Seven, coordinating and assisting the yard in the purchase of the lighting fixtures.

A Lighting Sheet Databook was made for everyone involved, which included technical schemes, the correct quantity of fixtures and the drivers. Each fixture was tested in the Videoworks laboratories, assuring that every detail regarding the dimming and stability of the lighting was previously checked in a preliminary phase.

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