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What About the Future of Southern Wind Shipyard

Willy Persico’ s untimely death caught his family, partners and employees by surprise, but SWS’s founder and CEO left Southern Wind Shipyard well prepared for the future.

Persico charted the route for a smooth transition of the shipyard by preparing the already existing management team for new responsibilities and selecting partners and shareholders who could guarantee the successful continuation of the shipyard.

Southern Wind will now be run by a team of SWS managers, who are also shareholders, with the backing and support of three SWS owners.

Southern Wind Shipyard: the management team shareholders

Marco Alberti has been at SWS since 1994 and became General Manager 15 years ago. His words express his sadness for Persico’ s sudden death. “Coming to terms with Willy’s death is a challenge for us. But he was an excellent tactician who has left us an example of passion and tenacity and a well-charted course to follow.”

Andrea Micheli, who has worked with Persico since 2003 and became Pegaso Sales Manager in 2008 echoes Alberti’s words: “Southern Wind will continue to do what it does best and in the best possible way. We are honoured to take on Willy’s legacy and will continue to walk in his footsteps, moving with renewed commitment and energy towards our goals.”

Alberto Del Cinque and Giampaolo Spera will flank Alberti and Micheli. Del Cinque began working at Pegaso in 1994 then became General Affair Manager in Southern Wind in 2000, and Spera has added on to two decades of experience as an executive in the nautical sector becoming Director of Southern Wind shipyard about two years ago.

Southern Wind Shipyard: the owner shareholders

The supporting group of shareholders is made of three passionate and committed owners, all of whom can be considered “paid-up subscriber” of Southern Wind philosophy. Among them, Juan Ignacio Entrecanales, Executive Vice Chairman of the Acciona Group and three times Southern Wind owner. He has these words: “Our mission will not be to substitute Willy, but to make sure that his vision and heritage go on for years to come.”

The second shareholder/owner continues: “I have always considered SWS to be a family more than just a shipyard. It will be my pleasure and commitment to make sure that SWS continues to be a magnet for innovation, talent and positivity.”  

The third one concludes: “We all have experience as entrepreneurs on an international level and we will put that pool of expertise to work for Southern Wind so that it can continue to build the same seaworthy, elegant and performing yachts that we know and love.”  


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