Best Long “Sailing Interviews” to Read During Lockdown – Part 1

sailing interviews

We have compiled the best “Sailing interviews” from our long reads archive to fill those long lockdown hours whether you’re self-isolating at home or… we hope for you, on board a sailboat!

Captain Liz: “A woman onboard works smarter, not harder!”

captain liz sailing interviews

Liz Gillooly is 25 years old girl. But most of all… she is a true sailor: Captain Liz. She has ridden horses in Spain, dolphins in Tortola and donkeys in Antigua. She cooked pancakes in 15ft seas, 700 miles offshore. Author of the blog “Moxie and epoxy“, who better than her could talk about life in the boat for a woman?
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Onne van der Wal: “I Was Sailing Before I Could Even Walk”

onne van der wal

Onne van der Wal is one of the most talented marine photographers in the sailing world. He was born in Holland on February 24, 1956 and raised in Hout Bay, South Africa. He learned to sail aboard his grandfather’s boat before he could walk. After he progressed through youth sailing training programs, he discovered his passion: ocean racing.
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Four friends around the world with a zero-emissions sailboat

sailing interviews

THE ROUND-THE-WORLD TOUR ON A ZERO-EMISSION SAILBOAT! Four friends decided to combine our passions for the sea, the adventure and the ecology. The goal of their project was to prove that a technically complex project around the world was achievable with eco-responsible practices.
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Philippe Briand: “How to realize a successful project? We must be open-minded”

philippe briand sailing interviewa
©Gullaume Plisson

London-based Philippe Briand has been conceiving high-performance yachts since his La Rochelle childhood, and his technical excellence and precision – accompanied by a strong artistic flair – have continued to evolve over what is arguably the most prolific career of any yacht designer today.  His portfolio spans four decades, starting with his first IOR Quarter Ton design at the age of 16.
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“Sailing the Galapagos is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

southern wind Galapagos sailing interviews

The Galapagos islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on either side of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the centre of the Western Hemisphere, 906 km (563 mi) west of continental Ecuador. We met the owner of Southern Wind 100 Rapture who revealed us the secrets within one of the world’s wildest archipelagos!
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Glenn Walters: “The “wife” is often the most skilled sailor”

glenn Walters sailing interviews

Sailing market has changed over the last years: to understand how we interviewed Glenn Walters, Managing Partner at Bluenose Yacht Sales & Brokerage. As marketing professional, Glenn worked for some of the highest quality yacht builders in the USA, such as Morris Yacht and he visited many other production yards such as Jeanneau, CNB, Lagoon, C&C, CNB, Tartan… Who better than him?
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Scott and Kim: “Sailing is another Chance to Reinvent Yourself”

sailing tranquillity

In a previous life, Scott and Kim called themselves an engineer and an advertising rep. Since 2005, however, they’ve been fleeing corporate oppression and pondering the meaning of escapism. They left everything behind to head out on a sailing adventure in search of a more connected and sustainable way of life. This is their story.
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