Easy Sailing: How it Works the Harken and Jeanneau Assisted Sail Trim

The collaboration between Jeanneau and Harken has produced an advanced system to make sailing easier for families, cruisers, shorthanded crews, solo sailors, and those with limited mobility: discover the Assisted Sail Trim.

The Assisted Sail Trim (AST) consists of three OEM packages that offer sensor-guided, push-button sail control operated from a cockpit display.

  1. The Auto-Tacking base package adjusts the headsail for the new tack while you steer through the maneuver.
  2. The Auto Trim is the perfect complement to Auto Tacking. Set the initial trim, press the button to engage Auto Trim, and the system monitors apparent wind for perfect sail trim. An integrated heel control detects gusts and limits heel to your desired setting for passenger comfort.
  3. The Sail Management package, which will debut in coming seasons, can hoist and douse the main or genoa. Load sensors detect jams and allow the halyard to be eased for safe operation.

The “basic” auto trim function adjusts sails as you change course or as the wind changes. Additionally, the main can be auto-eased to limit heel, while AST auto-tacking appears to be the pleasurable opposite of doing it with a pilot—you simply drive through the tack while the primaries do all the sheet work.

Harken Rewind™ winches or Captive Reel winches allow the system to both trim and ease without manual intervention. All packages feature full redundancy and manual backup in the event of power loss.

The Assisted Sail Trim will be exclusive to Jeanneau Sun Odyssey during the 2016 season.


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