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Schooner Zodiac’s 1925 voyage along the Canadian East Coast to the Arctic. VIDEO

Here is the complete footage from the schooner Zodiac ‘s 1925 voyage along the Canadian East Coast to the Arctic! This footage was wonderfully edited into this video by crew member Taylor Hodges.
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Step aboard the Schooner Zodiac, a classic windjammer that embodies both the heritage of the Grand Banks fishing schooners and the grandeur of a 1920’s yacht. Her spacious 127 feet of deck is adorned with polished brass and gleaming bright work. The ship’s mainmast towers over twelve stories high and she proudly boasts the largest working mainsail on the west coast. The Zodiac’s rig features four sails in total (jib, staysail, foresail and mainsail) that can propel the ship through the water at just over 13 knots.

Below decks, the schooner Zodiac’s chart house is a cozy spot where passengers can read, relax or learn the basics of navigation from the Zodiac’s knowledgeable crew members. Another level down below will find you in the heart of the ship; the galley. Spacious by most sailing ship’s standards and newly equipped with commercial appliances, the galley routinely serves dinner for up to 49 passengers or three square meals a day during overnight cruises.

The schooner Zodiac combines 1920’s style elegance with modern comforts. There are three restrooms aboard (nautically referred to as “heads”); two of these feature hot showers as well. The Zodiac is heated and well ventilated. While aboard, passengers stay in spacious berths or private staterooms. Standard berths are 48 inch bunks adjacent to the ship’s salon and feature a heavy curtain. The ship’s staterooms are located both aft and forward and contain multiple bunks, a sink, a mirror and a door for privacy.

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