5 Reasons To Rent A Sailboat

rent a sailboat

One of the extraordinary ways to enjoy your summer vacation is to go sailing in the ocean while being under the sun. Sailing in the sea is an adventurous activity suitable for both extrovert and introvert tourists. Aside from that, you get to experience this with your friends and family.  

However, you may be thinking about how can you experience sailing when you don’t own a boat? Fortunately, sailboat rentals are a thing. This means you and your friends can still enjoy the experience of sailing in the ocean by renting a sailboat. While many may think that it’s still inaccessible, but nowadays, sailboat rentals have never been easier and quicker to avail. 

In fact, most people who rent sailboats are all repeaters which means they have made it a tradition to redo the experience, again and again, making it a perfect holiday getaway. If you’re new to sailboat rentals and are looking for reasons to start availing of one, read on below. These five reasons will explain why many people keep coming back and why you should begin renting one with your family and friends.

1.It’s More Affordable

Everyone knows that owning a boat is a huge investment. Aside from the boat being very expensive itself, you also have to keep up with its regular maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Even refilling its gasoline is pricey all the time. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, renting a sailboat is the best option. 

You don’t have to think of other things other than booking your chosen sailboat, using it, and returning it before the due time. Furthermore, you won’t have to think about any maintenance and gasoline because the sailboat rental company will have everything prepared for you before you sail off. The only thing you’ll have to think about is making sure you and your friends or family will make the most out of your sailing experience.

2.It’s Easy to Learn

Perhaps another reason that’s hindering you from renting a sailboat is that you’re a novice. Well, the good news is boat sailing is a very easy skill to learn. You can take a boating safety course for free, and it only takes three hours to complete it. Then, you can continue to the next part of the rental process which is signing waivers. This agreement states that you have the proper requirements needed to operate the sailboat on your own, and you’re responsible for the other people on board.

However, if you don’t have the luxury of time to take the three-hour course, you can always opt to include in your rental fee one captain who will be driving with you throughout your trip. The captain will take care of all the destinations you want to visit and ensure everything is in order.

rent a sailboat

3.A Perfect Escape from the Busy World

Boat sailing in the middle of the sea feels like a whole new kind of freedom. Being placed in an entire unique scenery allows you to take a well-deserved break from your work pressures. Plus, this is an activity that both children and adults can enjoy. You can plan your own sets of activities. Some may go snorkel, while others will go swimming safely with their floaters, and the rest can go sunbathing and get their tans. This authentic and memorable experience will surely make you keep coming back year after year.

4.The Experience Is Practical and Comfortable

 A sailboat is a houseboat with complete accommodation and also a means of transport. If you and your friends are planning to stop on multiple destinations and islands, you don’t need to take different transportation types because you’ll only use your sailboat. Besides that, you also don’t have to change hotels multiple times because your accommodation is the sailboat itself. 

Sailing and traveling at the same time is practical, convenient, and very comfortable for you and your companions. Whether you have a captain with you or not, you have the boat all to yourselves to be used without having to worry about changing hotels and transportations.

5.Plenty of Boat Types to Enjoy

One of the best advantages of renting a sailboat is getting to enjoy different kinds of boats. If you compare it to purchasing your own boat, you only get to ride one type of boat for the rest of your life. However, if you choose to rent one, sailboat rentals can offer you numerous choices of boats that you’d love to try. They can differ in price, size, capacity, or accommodation. You have the freedom to choose which craft would you love to take with you for the summer and take it for a swim.  

Rent Your Sailboat

If you compare renting a sailboat and buying your own, the difference is significant. The reasons stated above explains why it’s much preferable to rent a sailboat. Not only can you save your budget, but you also get to enjoy plenty of sailing escapades on various rental sailboats without having to own one. So rent a sailboat and enjoy the vast open ocean!

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