Dramatic footage of free diver and wonderful whales in the Arctic

Rather than ferocious killers, orcas are gentle and inquisitive, at least when it comes to human encounters. Hundreds of orcas and humpback whales gathers in the Tromsø region in the period of November to January, to feed on the overwintering herring. 

This one minute video resumes what the photographer and filmmaker David Gonzalez Buendia (buendiaphotography.com) captured in one single week, in the making of a documentary about orcas in the wild using the expedition sailing vessel Barba as a platform.

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  1. I don’t see any drama at all. The only thing I see is beauty and harmony. I always loved watching the orcas. Why not change the header to that instead of that misleading clickbait? I am sure people would still look it up and it may make you guys look more serious. ;)

    1. Dear Hans, we choose “dramatic” as “theatrical”: suggestive of the theater or of acting; spectacular”!

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