New Tofinou 7.9 Ready For World Debut at Grand Pavois Boat Show

The latest addition to the Tofinou lineup is on its way with the stunning new Tofinou 7.9. Building on the success of the Tofinou 9.7, this new model will be unveiled at the Grand Pavois Boat Show in France (20th-25th September).

The Tofinou 7.9 will be the new entry level of a range that also includes the 9, 7, 8, 12, and 16. Like the older sisters, this Tofinou too will have some external wood inserts, to enrich its aesthetics and quality, but the real novelty is another. Upon request, the boat will also be available with electric propulsion.

This solution is in fact ideal for daysailers, who normally make a few hours of motion on each outing, if not those necessary to enter and exit the port, the rest is taken care of by the sails, thus drastically reducing the problems of energy autonomy. On board the electric 7.9 there will in fact be a pack of batteries, which will also be transportable at home to be easily recharged if necessary.

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