Exploring the Functionality of Lagoon Boom Furler for 46 to 51ft Catamarans

French catamaran manufacturer Lagoon introduces a furling boom option designed specifically for its 46 and 51-foot models. Developed through a collaboration between Lagoon, Incidence, and Groupe Wichard, this sophisticated boom furler promises to enhance the sailing experience.

The Lagoon furling boom stands out as a simple yet robust solution, embodying intelligence and innovation. Crafted to facilitate sailing maneuvers, this system amplifies the utilization of wind power, providing an unparalleled ease of operation for sailors navigating the open waters.

It took a long time before the system was ready for mass production. “We designed the first prototypes twelve years ago,” says Bruno Belmont, head of development at Lagoon. “But they were not technically robust enough.

Key Advantages of the Lagoon Boom Furler:

  1. Structured Configuration:  The system is strategically configured with a topping lift end-stop and horizontal feeder adjustment, ensuring an optimal angle of attack for the luff. Additionally, the design efficiently distributes loads, enhancing the service life of the luff.
  2. Innovative Sail Furling System: All moving parts are visible, facilitating easy intervention if necessary and ensuring a reliable and safe sailing experience.

Operational Principles of the Lagoon Boom Furling System:

  1. Fully Eased Mainsheet: The mainsheet must be fully eased for proper operation.
  2. Topping Lift Adjustment: The topping lift must be adjusted to its stop.
  3. Head to Wind Position: The catamaran must be held head to wind for optimal performance.
  4. Maintained Luff Tension: Good luff tension must be maintained during hoisting and furling.

User-Friendly Features:

  • An integrated e-Watch option on winches warns users of any issues with the topping lift or mainsheet tension during hoisting or furling.
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