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Sailing with Barba, a sailing life in the cold hardened North

The sailboat Barba continues the mission through the Norwegian arctic documenting orca that congregate in their thousands in the cold hardened North.

Led by marine biologist Andreas B. Heide and manned by a multinational crew, follow the sailing adventures of Barba, powered by B&G electronics, as they interact with nature under some extreme arctic conditions to document the life of the ocean.

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About the vessel

S.V. Barba is a 2005 model Jeanneau Sun Fast 37. After years of service as a rental boat in Portsmouth England she was set free in Easter of 2012. She was then sailed to her new homeport in Stavanger, Norway, where she currently resides. She is the same model as the boat Memento Mori which was under ownership of Andreas B. Heide and Ketil Christensen from 2009-2011. Based on the acquired experience from the previous boat and accumulated experience over the years, S.V. Barba has undergone multiple minor and major upgrades in order to improve the functionality of the boat for Arctic expeditions.

A series of key features has made her a loyal companion to date: her lead keel, keel-stepped mast, low fuel consumption, lightness (which makes her easier to control and maneuver) and small size giving access to additional anchorages. With her a well-tested design, the stern provides easy access to the water facilitating diving, launching the dinghy and other interactions with water.

S.V. Barba is fully equipped to operate under technically challenging and harsh conditions in remote locations – with her crew she venture as far as the ice packs surrounding the North Pole. Powered by the wind and smaller in size than most other expedition vessels, S.V. Barba is able to sail in even the most inaccessible areas of the Arctic. As a non-intrusive platform, she offers close wildlife interactions with minimum disturbance.  

Key technical data:

Length 11.39 meters / 37 feet | Displacement 6,300 kilograms | Average speed sail: 7 knots | Average speed motoring: 5, 5 knots

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