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The Details Hunter / 1 – Like a Sci-Fi Movie

This is a space dedicated to the sailing authorial photography. We live in a time when we are completely swamped with images. My goal is search and find in this plethora of pictures those that have something more to say, maybe something hidden at first sight or a great story and experience behind. 


As first image to be commented, I chose one of the French photographer Martin Keruzorè. It was taken onboard Vestas 11th Hours Racing during the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018. It is a high visual impact image, similar to a classic sunset picture, but with three big differences: the tough environment where the image was captured, the high technical level and the dominance of blue as the main color. 

In the author’s own words: “Midnight, Vestas 11th Hour Racing is crossing the Golf stream, heading to Newport, pushed by a big low pressure. Phil Harmer is trying to drive downwind in a big sea state. A few seconds after this shot, Phil was calling everybody on deck to take a second reef as the wind was increase over 45knts under the squall.

The boat finished 3rd in this leg. I have spent many nights on deck during this Volvo, trying to get this kind of picture. At night, you have to compose with the low light. For that, I had to find the good balance between the light (in this instance the moon behind the clouds) the sky, the weather and sea state. I wanted the boat perfectly in focus and pin-sharp and the waterfall totally blurred to create this effect, like a Science Fiction movie. It has been technically hard to get this one when you are sailing down the wave at 25knts onboard a shaker like the Volvo 65”.

As a sea and adventure lover, I could not start with any other picture than this: It is so evocative, not only in its subjects – ocean, night, squall – but also knowing the huge efforts the photographer went to in order to capture it. Being an OBR during the Volvo Ocean Race is one of the most dangerous and tough job in the world and this picture is not only a simple snapshot as many other images, It is mainly artistic because Martin wanted to create exactly that effect. 

Martin Keruzorè Biography

Martin grew up in brittany, around the ocean and the world of sailing photography. He has almost a decade’s experience as a director, photographer, cameraman and editor. Starting out early, Martin has logged thousands of miles in French races and has been involved in many projects around Europe, sailing onboard the Multi 50, shooting with the Figaro Class and the IMOCA class especially before the last Vendée Globe. He has just finished the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 as an Onboard reporter rotating between Dongfeng Race team, Team Brunel, Vestas 11th Hour Racing and Turn The Tide on Plastic.

Martin Keruzoré
29 years old
Living in Brittany – France
ompany: Air Vide et Eau productions

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