#sundayvideo. 3 Knots you have to Learn to be a real Sailor

All true sailors must know how to make knots. We selected three videos made by the American Sailing Association: see if you really remember how to coiling a line!

Coiling a line

Lines on a sailboat need to be kept neatly. Most lines that are not in active use are stowed in a neat coil, and active lines often need to be coiled as well.


One of the most beautiful and useful sailing knots is the bowline, (pronounced “BO’lin”). The bowline forms a temporary eye, or loop, in the end of a line and is commonly used to attach a jib sheet to the clew of the jib.

Square Knot

The Square Knot, also called the Reef Knot, is well known to school children who have given up on trying to tie their shoe laces. On a boat it is used primarily for tying a rope to itself. Like when you are securing an item to the boat or a spar.

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