#sundayvideo. 3 Sailing Knots you have to Learn to be a real Sailor

sailing knots

All true sailors must know how to make sailing knots. We selected three videos made by the American Sailing Association: see if you really remember how to coil a line!

Sailing knot/1: coiling a line

Lines on a sailboat need to be kept neatly. Most lines that are not in active use are stowed in a neat coil, and active lines often need to be coiled as well.

Sailing knot/2: bowline

One of the most beautiful and useful sailing knots is the bowline, (pronounced “BO’lin”). The bowline forms a temporary eye, or loop, at the end of a line and is commonly used to attach a jib sheet to the clew of the jib.

Sailing knot/3: square knot

The Square Knot, also called the Reef Knot, is well known to school children who have given up on trying to tie their shoe laces. On a boat it is used primarily for tying a rope to itself. Like when you are securing an item to the boat or a spar.

And you, do you know sailing knots?

About the American Sailing Association

The American Sailing Association is the predominant standards bearer and codifier in the arena of recreational sailing education in the Americas. The organization was founded in 1983 by television producer Lenny Shabes who felt there was no recognized educational system in place to learn the sport of sailing. Today there are over 300 affiliate schools that teach the ASA methods via the many textbooks the Association creates and publishes. Over one million sailors have come through the American Sailing Association learning system.

In administering this educational structure that includes on-water and written testing, ASA certifications are now recognized at charter companies and maritime employers all around the world. They have published textbooks for beginners, coastal cruising sailors, bareboat charterers, and those looking to buy or charter cruising catamarans. In addition to textbooks, ASA has produced educational videos, smart-phone apps, and most recently an interactive digital game that aims to teach and drill rudimentary sailing skills while off the water.

The American Sailing Association is also an avid promoter of the sport of sailing – they are an active contributor in social media and sponsor an app called GO SAILING that enables sailors to connect anywhere they happen to be in the world.

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